In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – Ep2) Cut and Run

The Bad Batch visit an old friend
Cut and Run

Synopsis: Having left their home on Kamino. The Bad Batch cut and run to visit their old friend Cut and his family. As they arrive at Cut’s place. They find that the Empire is beginning to take root there.


The Story

Having escaped capture on Kamino. The group heads for Saleucami to visit Cut Lawquane. As they arrive. They learn that Cut and his family have plans to leave the planet. But when Hunter and Cut go into town to book passage. They learn that the Empire has devalued traditional credits and replaced them with an imperial keycode system.

With their holes of laying low dashed. Hunter and the team proceed to help their friend out by creating forged keycodes and getting Cut and his family off the world. Unfortunately for them. Omega’s curiosity and eagerness to help. Creates a few unexpected obstacles.


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker continues to earn his paycheque as he voices virtually most roles in this episode. We get a great scene where Omega gets herself into a little trouble and nearly gets scolded by Hunter. Cut intervenes and takes a more gentle approach. Which illustrates the range that Dee Bradley Baker is able to muster with his voice.

I mean he’s playing four members of the Bad Batch and giving each of them a unique voice and he adds the role of Cut as well as the generic Clone Troopers to that load. It’s truly impressive.

Michelle Ang also puts in a solid performance as Omega. The scene where she is feeling dirt run through her fingers for the first time. And the joyful expression of discovery in her voice is infectious. So much so that I found myself getting really excited about dirt.



‘Cut and Run’ was a solid second episode, which offered character growth and plot development in equal measure. We got to see a planet being overrun by the Empire and people trying to escape. But we also got to see Omega’s reaction to being on a new planet and feeling dirt for the first time. Hunter got parenting lessons from Cut.

Tech and Echo got to use their technical skills. While wreck got do far more wrecking than Miley Cyrus could ever do with her wrecking ball.  And by the end of the story. They basically cut and run for new adventures.

If have one criticism. It would be that I didn’t really feel that the group was truly threatened at any point in the episode. But I highly suspect this is just the calm before the storm because if this is anything like the previous two animated shows. Things will start to escalate as we go deeper into the season.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - Ep2) Cut and Run
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