In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP15) Return To Kamino

The Batch finds themselves returning to Kamino in order to rescue Hunter. 

Synopsis: In part one of this thrilling season finale. The Batch finds themselves returning to Kamino in order to rescue Hunter.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Crosshair has captured Hunter and taken him back to the imperial base on Kamino. Meanwhile, having just repaired their ship. Omega, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo find themselves having to return to Kamino to stage a rescue attempt. Indeed, Crosshair is waiting patiently for his former crewmates to fall into his hands. So he can hand them over to his imperial masters. However, Hunter is using this time to try and talk his former team member into leaving the Empire.


Voice Acting

As always Dee Bradley Baker is in great form as he voices every member of the batch. The scenes in which Hunter is trying to talk Crosshair into leaving the empire are excellent. Their conversation gets particularly interesting when Crosshair reveals that he had his inhibiter chip removed ages ago. We also get some nice from Michelle Ang as Omega who isn’t particularly happy about returning to Kamino. But her knowledge of the base helps the team stage their rescue. Additionally, I really liked Omega’s interactions with her droid, which helps her take on one of the TK Stormtroopers.

Stephen Stanton makes a brief but welcome return as Admiral Tarkin who orders Vice-Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) to leave Kamino and destroy the base.



Return To Kamino does a great job of setting things up for next week’s finale. We finally get to see Hunter and Crosshair face off against each other only to learn that Crosshair, which delivers a great twist when we learn that Crosshair had his chip removed before his former compatriots. Likewise, it will make for an interesting conversation in next week’s show when Hunter is able to talk with Crosshair in a calmer situation. After all, the empire has pretty much left Crosshair for dead and seems to be no longer in need of his services. So, will Hunter and the team happily invite Crosshair back in. Indeed, will Crosshair want to fight against the Empire after what has happened?

I guess we’ll find out in next week’s episode. One thing is for sure. Crosshair doesn’t really have too many options and given that he is a pragmatist my guess is he’ll likely play along to Hunter’s tune until something better comes his way.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP15) Return To Kamino
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