In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1-EP14) War-Mantle

After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility. 

Synopsis: In ‘War-Mantle’. After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility.


The Story

When they get a distress call from Rex. The Batch find themselves travelling to a backwater planet along the outer rim for a rescue mission. As they arrive they find a heavily guarded Empire Base. After some stealthy work, Hunter and his team manage to find Gregor. Unfortunately, from there on in. The rescue becomes a bit of a botched job as they are forced to leave Hunter behind to be captured.

Meanwhile, on Kamino. The Kaminoans secretly plan to leave knowing full well that their usefulness to the Empire is reaching its expiry date.


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker does a fair bit in this episode as it is rather light on new guest talent. But that said we finally get to see Hunter reunited with his old mate Crosshair. Noshir Dalal’s Vice Admiral Rampart gets to get rid of the problematic Kaminoan’s but keeps a scientific brain around should he need one. Overall. Solid voice acting all around.



War-Mantle felt like a pretty strong episode, but the storyline felt very much like it was planned by the Empire in order to try and capture Hunter or all members of the Batch. Even though Gregor was genuinely trying to escape from the Empire. We see the start of the Empire phasing out the Clone Troopers and we get some discussion about how the new TK Soldiers are not as well trained.

Overall. This is a bit of a step up from last week’s comedic episode as in we are now left wondering what Crosshair has in store for his former commander. We are also left wondering how Tech and the rest of the gang will manage to get Hunter out.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1-EP14) War-Mantle
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