In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP13) Infested

The Batch attempt a mission of sabotage on a gangster's Spice Operation

Synopsis: In ‘Infested’ The Batch attempt a mission of sabotage on a gangster’s Spice Operation so they can save a friend.


The Story

After having completed another mission. The Batch returns to Ord Mantell to find that Cid’s bar has been taken over by a small-time gangster. Cid’s entire operation has been taken over by Roland, the son of crime boss Isa Durand. Roland is trading in the narcotic known as spide and has a deal happening with the Pyke.

When the Batch eventually finds Cid. She ropes them into a sabotage operation to steal the Spice. The plan is to get rid of Roland by messing up his deal with The Pyke.


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker pulls off his usual vocal miracles in this fun little heist episode. But it is Rhea Perlman that steals the show as Cid who organized the Batch as they execute her plan. Additionally, Michelle Ang continues to bring a childlike innocence and wonder to Omega. My favorite moment being at the end when Omega speaks up for Roland. After all, he can’t all be bad if his pet loves him.



After last week’s epic episode. The only way really was to do a somewhat lighter-hearted story, which we have here as the Batch is roped into a heist mission. At no point did I feel that Roland was any real threat to the Batch or to Cid. If anything he seemed to be out of his depth. If anything. The real threat in this episode was The Pyke who are not known for playing nice.

I loved the sequences in which the Batch was underground in the mine carts. Especially when they wake up some pesky creatures that attack.

Overall ‘Infested’ delivers a fun episode with the potential of a new villain perhaps in the form of Roland’s parent Isa Durand coming after the Batch.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP13) Infested
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