In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP12) Rescue on Ryloth

he Bad Batch is tasked with a dangerous rescue mission

Synopsis: In ‘Rescue on Ryloth’. The Bad Batch is tasked with a dangerous rescue mission on Ryloth. But also must contend with Crosshair


The Story

Picking the story up from where last week left off. Hera Syndulla is all alone on a military-occupied Ryloth. With her parents in prison for having saved her life. She has no one to turn to in order to help mount a rescue. So, she puts a distress call out to the Bad Batch. Thankfully, Omega persuades Hunter and the team to return to Ryloth.

As they arrive. Hunter wastes little time in getting the lay of the land, but can’t come up with a good enough plan. Making matters worse is the fact that Crosshair knows they are on Ryloth. So it is down to Hera with a little encouragement from Omega to come up with a workable strategy.


Voice Acting

Once again. Vanessa Marshall reminds us why Hera is such a kickass character. The scenes in which she and Omega (Michelle Ang) up with the plan is absolutely brilliant. We also get to see Hera’s very first mission as a pilot as she and Omega steal a shuttle and kick off their part of the mission. Dee

Bradley Baker returns to his weekly task of voicing multiple characters. Particularly the scenes concerning Crosshair, which to mind is some of the best work with this character thus far.



A great follow-up to last week’s episode, which gives us a fun look at a younger Hera. It was fun seeing her fly solo for the first time with Omega as co-pilot. The scene in which she takes off in the shuttle and wrecks a bunch of other ships before taking off was funny as hell.

Overall. A solid episode, which adds to the Star Wars mythology and to Hera’s backstory.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP12) Rescue on Ryloth
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