In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 -EP10) Common Ground

The Batch has their ideology challenged...
Common Ground

Synopsis: In ‘Common Ground’. The Batch has their ideology challenged with a new mission. Omega gets left with Cid and proves herself useful.


The Story

Cid gives the Batch a mission, which sends them to a Separatist world to rescue Senator Avi Singh. Hunter and his crew are reluctant to take on the mission given that they were fighting the separatists in the recent clone wars. So the team must establish some common ground and move past their prejudice. 

In light of recent events. Hunter asks Cid to look after Omega because he fears for her safety. Obviously, Omega is not happy with this and mopes about a fair bit.


The Voice Acting

Once again Dee Bradley Baker kicks butt with his multiple roles as the Batch and pretty much every Clone Trooper. But this week he is joined by the distinguished Alexander Siddig who provides his substantial talented voice for the role of Senator Avi Singh.

We also get a fairly good performance from Sian Clifford who does the voice for the Senator’s faithful droid GS-8 who proves to be most resourceful. My favorite scene with her is concerning the vase that she just about rescues during the rescue mission.



A pretty strong episode. I loved the fact that the Bad Batch had to commit to a mission that challenged their ideology. Although, they don’t really get a great deal of time to let the Senator know about their disdain for the old separatist movement.

Omega gets left with Cid for this mission. Which provides some fun moments of her being bullied a little by Cid until she proves her worth. Indeed, she does get to prove her worth by beating pretty much all comers at Dejarik.

Overall. A really solid episode with some fun character moments and a bit of character growth for Omega as she learns to play a new game and pays off the debt that the Batch owes Cid in the process.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 -EP10) Common Ground
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