In Review: Star Wars: The Acolyte (S1 – EP6) Teach/Corrupt

On a distant island, unsettling questions about identity and destiny arise.

Synopsis: On a distant island, unsettling questions about identity and destiny arise. Qimir has taken Osha in and seeks to try and corrupt her. Meanwhile, Mae has assumed Osha’s identity and is looking to complete her quest for revenge by killing Sol.


The Story

Having assumed Osha’s identity in the last episode. Mae has gone with Master Sol in hopes of finding a moment to finish her quest for revenge. Meanwhile, on a distant world, Osha awakes to find that Qimir has taken her. Osha slowly tries to figure out who Qimir is and learns that he was once a Jedi. Elsewhere, Vernestra Rwoh sets about searching for Sol with a group of Jedi. As they come upon the site of last week’s battle and find the dead Jedi Rwoh appears to know a little more than she is letting on, but does not stop her padawan from believing that it was Sol that killed the Jedi. 



Once again Manny Jacinto puts in a great performance as Qimir aka The Stranger. The conversation between Osha (Amandla Stenberg) and Qimir is informative insofar as what Qimir wants, but not as informative when it comes to what happened to make him want what he wants.

Rebecca Henderson puts in a solid performance as Vernestra Rwoh who seems to know a lot more about things than she is letting on. 



Teach/Corrupt does a great job of adding a few more layers to the mystery surrounding Qimir as well as giving us a sense that Vernestra Rwoh perhaps knows about his origins and potentially had a role to play in Qimir’s fall from the Jedi. We get teased with little bits and piece of information like Qimir telling Osha that he is older than she thinks he is, which could suggest that he is very long-lived. Add to that the reaction that Rwoh has when she comes across all the Jedi that Qimir killed.

Star Wars: The Acolyte (S1 - EP6) Teach/Corrupt
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