In Review: Star Wars: The Acolyte (S1 – Ep5) Night

In a dense jungle, the Jedi are put to the test when they confront a rising darkness.

Synopsis: In a dense jungle during the night, the Jedi are put to the test when they confront a rising darkness.


The Story

Master Sol, Yord Fandar, and Jecki Lon do battle with the mysterious Sith lord that has been mentoring Mae and aiding her on her quest to kill the Jedi that she feels are responsible for the destruction of her family. To protect Osha. Master Sol orders Yord Fandar to take her back to their ship, but when she senses that Mae is in danger from the Sith. Osha insists on going back to help Sol and Jecki Lon in their fight. 

As the battle ends and the dust settles. The only Jedi left standing is Master Sol, but he has been badly beaten and in potential danger from Mae who during the struggle knocked her sister out and assumed her identity.


The Acting

Manny Jacinto puts in an intense performance as Qimir who is exposed as the Sith that has been driving Mae all along. He has some great scenes with Sol (Lee Jung-jae). Amandla Stenberg continues to put in a fairly strong performance in her dual role of Mae and Osha. 



The mystery part of this series has pretty much come to its conclusion as Master Sol and the gang have successfully exposed Qimir and know that he has been training Mae. What isn’t really known is Qimir’s motives for turning to the dark side. And from what we have seen thus far he doesn’t seem to have to much of a motive other than wanting to have power and the freedom to just do whatever he wants.

With only three episodes left to the story concludes. I have to wonder what else this story has to offer us in terms of surprise moments because Qimir’s identity as the Sith was pretty much telegraphed from the start.

Star Wars: The Acolyte (S1 - Ep5) Night
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