In Review: Star Wars: Revelations (2022) #1

Witness the next step in the legacy of heroes and scoundrels in the galaxy far, far away...

Synopsis: Star Wars: Revelations takes place after events seen in WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS came CRIMSON REIGN…now in the midst of HIDDEN EMPIRE, Qi’ra has shaken the galactic landscape to its core! But what lies beyond for the Rebellion? For the Empire? What role do the bounty hunters play? And what is happening to Doctor Aphra? Witness the next step in the legacy of heroes and scoundrels in the galaxy far, far away…


The Story

A prequel and tie-in of sorts to Hidden Empire. Revelations sees Darth Vader being warned about the Fermatta Cage and a series of events that are yet to happen. It’s a warning about the end of the Force. In his Visions Vader witnesses a Droid that has been resurrected from the distant past and is planning an uprising. Pretty much the whole issue weaves together all of the current Star Wars storylines into what looks like it could be an epic story.


The Artwork

The art team of Salvador Larroca,  Emma Kubert, Justin Mason,  Paul Fry, and Pere Perez produce some brilliant work throughout this opening issue. I loved all of the scenes on Mustafar where Vader is consulting The Eye of Webbish Bog. I also liked the few splash pages that show us what is happening the various other characters that these books have been focusing on. 

Overall the artwork throughout this book is awesome.



Revelations cleverly tie together all the various story threads that have been happening throughout the last year in the Star Wars comics world. No stone is left unturned as it references all the tie-ins and brings them together in order to tell an epic story.

I loved seeing Vader receive visions from The Eye of Webbish Bog and this was used as a device to show us what had been happening in the various different parts of the Star Wars universe. I also loved the idea of the Force ending because that kind of ties into the ending of the Skywalker Saga. Although I can’t really see the Force coming to a total end as such. 

Overall. I really enjoyed this first issue and can’t wait to read more.

Star Wars: Revelations (2022) #1
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