In Review: Star Wars Resistance – The Recruit

Dave Feloni and his team have once again managed to bring fans an engaging and fun set of characters to the 'Star Wars' universe.

Synopsis: Poe Dameron tasks young pilot “Kaz” Xiono with spying on the secretive First Order. Kaz travels to the Colossus space station and is drawn into a race there.

Review: Dave Feloni and his team have once again managed to bring fans an engaging and fun set of characters to the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Skewed at a slightly younger audience than Clone Wars and Rebels. ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ manages to straddle the fence of being able to entertain both young and older viewers.

‘The Recruit’, which introduces fans to the new hero Kazuda Xiono delivers with both the action, wit and charm that we’ve come to expect from Feloni and his team.

The Story

This first episode is very much set up and acts as a brilliant introduction for Kaz as he and some fellow pilots are being chased by a super Tie Fighter while trying to get vital information to the Rebellion. When it becomes obvious that they are not going to get away. Kaz tells his fellow pilots to make a run for it while he takes on the First Order fighter on his own. This event leads up to Poe Dameron saving Kaz and the two working together to give the Tie Fighter a bloody nose.

Poe sees potential in Kaz and recruits him to be a spy for the Republic. His mission is to weed out a First Order spy who has supposedly set up shop on Colossus, which is a massive aircraft carrier and Kaz’s new home.

It doesn’t take Kaz very long to get into trouble when his bragging about being the best pilot in the Galaxy gets him signed up to a race.

The Animation

Overall. The animation is pretty good, but it’s not the dark edgier style that fans have got used to on shows like Clone Wars and Rebels, but it works for this series, which seems to be set between the events of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’.

The Voice Acting

Christopher Sean does a wonderful job of voicing Kaz who is a character that I am sure ‘Star Wars’ fans are going to grow to love as we see more of him in the future. Oscar Isaac lends his voice for Poe Dameron, who I hope we’ll see recur as the show progresses.

All the voice actors involved did a really good job of introducing us to the world of Colossus, which is a dangerous place to live.


This was a strong opening episode, which did a super job of introducing us to the world and the characters. In regards to the story. It was nothing special and it wasn’t overly complex, but it succeeds in showcasing the new characters, which is what it was required to do.

In short. I like this new show and look forward to writing more about it in the months to come.

Star Wars Resistance - The Recruit
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