In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Zero Hour Parts 1& 2

Grand Admiral Thrawn after capturing fulcrum launches a blockade against the rebel base on Atollon.

Synopsis: Grand Admiral Thrawn after capturing fulcrum launches a blockade against the rebel base on Atollon.

Review: As season finale this two part episode had much to live up to given how awesome the previous couple of season has been, but thankfully it manages to make the grade.

Every single stitch of plot development that has been sewn throughout the season all comes together and resolves just enough to set up for what we hope with be an exciting fourth season.

Tom Baker gets to reprise his role of the mysterious middle ground force wielder Bendu. Who is persuaded to lend the rebels a hand by Kanan. While we get a brief appearance by Grand Moff Tarkin who is voiced by Stephen Stanton.

We also see the return of Sabine who takes a brief leave of absence from Mandalor to help Ezra bust a hole in the blockade to allow the rebels to escape to Yavin 4.

This finale also brings us General Dodonna who fans will recognise from both ‘Rogue One A Star Wars Story’ and ‘Star Wars: A New Hope.’ Up until this point in Star Wars all I personally remember Dodanna for was his briefing in ‘A New Hope’, which took place prior to the destruction of the first Death Star. So it was fun to see his character fleshed out a little more.

We also get a brief appearance from Senator Mon Mothma who is once more voiced by Genevieve O’Reilly. Again it was great to see a little used character from the movies given some time in the sun on Rebels. We can only hope that we get to learn a little more about these characters in the fourth season, which I’m hoping will see our heroes based on Yavin. 

Insofar as the mission to liberate Lothal. It’s a total bust and a bit of a failed mission for the Rebels, but at the same time its mudd in the eye of Grand Admiral Thrawn who failed in his side mission to capture one of the Rebels and even let Fulcrum escape.

This was a strong finale for Rebels and was filled with great character building moments for all the key players. I loved that we got to see Rex working with Zeb again. Especially given that we haven’t seen Rex in awhile.

With ‘Star Wars Rebels’ only being set a short couple of years prior to events in Rogue One and A New Hope. I’m hoping that we’ll get to see some build up to that. I’d really love to see future guest spots for Cassian Andor, Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. The latter two being the most fun characters that Rogue one had to offer.

Star Wars Rebels - Zero Hour Parts 1& 2
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