In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Warhead

Zeb and Chopper bring a damaged droid in the Atollon Wilderness back to base

Synopsis: Zeb and Chopper bring a damaged droid in the Atollon Wilderness back to base, only to learn that the doid is a new Imperial probe programmed to spy and destroy rebels.

Review: This is a fun episode, which allows us to see Zeb take the spot light and shows us what a grunt can really do.

When Zeb and Chopper go off to explore the Atollon wilderness in response to a sensor reading. They find a damaged droid, which at first looks harmless enough, but proves to be of Imperial origins and far more formidable than at first believed.

Lots of fun is had in this episode, which is due to the fact that Zeb has been left alone to watch the base with the droids and of course. Zeb being who he is. He’d much rather be in the thick of the action.

I particularly liked the banter between Zeb andĀ AP-5 who is tasked with running the weapons inventory. AP-5 was pretty much continuously goading Zeb by inferring that he was nothing more than a Grunt and only really good for fetching and carrying.

But when the Imperial Droid reveals itself. Chopper, Zeb and AP-5 must work together in order to prevent the droid from successfully completing its mission.

We also get a little more spying from Agent Kallus aka Fulcrum. Who warns Zeb about the droid and its mission.

By the close of the episode Kallus has to report the missions failure to Grand Admiral Thrawn who does not seem all that concerned.

Patrick Haye’s who reviewed a couple of episodes over the Christmas period said that he was getting a little jaded by Thrawn’s character and I’m inclined to agree. For one he’d have to have figured Kallus is the spy by now and at least plotted something of a trap for him. Also the calmness of the character may appear cold, but its now getting overly chilly to the point where its not really believable anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. Thrawn was an interesting idea when he introduced. But for me he should have had a few victories by now, which would have at least made him more of a threat. Whereas he is proving more to be a nuisance right now.. I’d like to see Thrawn capture and torture some rebels or at least do something more than acting all important.

Sure. Its a kids show. But it is also ‘Star Wars’ and lets be honest. The reason Darth Vader became such a great movie villain and works so well is because he’s a bad ass. If someone disapoints Vader they die or get choked. Thrawn needs to have a similar approach.

Overall though. This is nothing more than a bridging episode to lead us onto the final few episodes of this years arc. Nothing special, but it is fun.

Star Wars Rebels - Warhead
  • Banter between Zeb and the droids
  • Thrawn seems way to chilled out and not really all that interested anymore as a villain
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • CGI Animation
  • Incidental Music

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