In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Twin Suns

Responding to a vision of Obi Wan Kenobi, Ezra defies Hera and Kanan and travels to Tatooine.

Synopsis: Responding to a vision of Obi Wan Kenobi, Ezra defies Hera and Kanan and travels to Tatooine.

Review: After a vision in which he sees Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi struck down by Maul. Ezra rushes off to Tatooine in hopes of preventing it from happening, but it soon becomes apparent that it is a trap.

This is one of the episodes that have been waiting all season to see and although enjoyable. I find myself a little disappointed by the final confrontation between Maul and Obi Wan. The hype did not measure up to the actual event or the outcome.  It certain was not the duel that we’d expected and was no where near the excitement of the climatic duel from Phantom Menace.

Narratively the story works well. It makes sense that Ezra would try and prevent Obi Wan from being struck down by Maul, but we the audience knew that would not happen. Which left us just wanting to know what a final confrontation between Maul and Obi Wan would look like. The answer. Very short and very quick.

It was literally a few moves of the lightsaber and wham. Maul is struck down.

The best part was the end of the duel when the dying Maul asks if Obi Wan is protecting the chosen one aka Luke Skywalker.

I’d have liked to have seen the final lightsaber duel between Maul and Obi Wan last a little longer. The fact that it is so short has me wondering if Maul was looking to be taken out. Was he looking to become a vengeful force spirit or had he just had enough of all the fighting and scheming.

It’s an ambiguous episode, which left me with more questions than answers.

Stephen Stanton puts in a fabulous voice performance as Obi Wan in this episode by managing to pull off an almost perfect immitation of how Alec Guinness likely would have played it. 

I’d also be negligent to not tip my hat to Sam Witwer who is note perfect as Maul. 

The ending of this episode left me with a lump in my throat as Obi Wan rides his Dewback by the Owen farm. We hear Luke being called by his aunt and see a figure running in the distance. The classic John Williams theme plays out.


Star Wars Rebels - Twin Suns
  • The Good: The Voice Acting and the closing moments of the episode
  • The Bad: After so much build up and hype. The lightsaber duel was to short
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • CGI Animation
  • Incidental Music

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