In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Through Imperial Eyes

Ezra is sent on a mission to rescue Fulcrum whose true identity is in danger of being revealed to the Empire.

Synopsis: Ezra is sent on a mission to rescue Fulcrum whose true identity is in danger of being revealed to the Empire.

Review: This episode spends a lot time within the Empire and as the title suggests. Gives us a view of what things are like through imperial eyes.

When Ezra is captured by Lt List. Fulcrum aka Agent Kallus fears his cover being blown, but learns that his cover is in danger anyway.

The episode proceeds at a frantic pace as Fulcrum does all in his power to avoid detection while helping Ezra and his two droids escape from the empire.

This proves to be a difficult task given that Thrawn along with Agent Kallus’s mentor Colonel Yularen are hot on his heels and determined to uncover the traitorous scum.

In order to avoid being implicated Fulcrum uses some slight of hand to implicate Lt List to take the heat of his tail.

All seems well and good. But it seems that Thrawn knows who Fulcrum is and intends to use him to provide the rebels with faulty information.

Overall this episode did a lot to flesh out the whole fulcrum issue while also giving us a little more insight about the day to day running of the Empire.

I really enjoyed the whole espionage goings on in this episode and I also liked how Ezra continues with his mistrust of Agent Kallus based on his past experiences with him.

A fun moment in the episode is when Thrawn gets into a bit of a duel with two reprogrammed battle droids, which allows Ezra and Chopper to make good their escape.

I be interesting to see how Thrawns knowledge of Kallus plays out in regards to what false information he will plant.

For me Star Wars Rebels has slowly grown into a must watch show.

Star Wars Rebels - Through Imperial Eyes
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