In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Secret Cargo

When a standard refuelling mission goes wrong, the Ghost crew find themselves transporting an important rebel leader across the galaxy.

Synopsis: When a standard refuelling mission goes wrong, the Ghost crew find themselves transporting an important rebel leader across the galaxy.

Review: While on a standard refuelling run. The Ghost crew find themselves trying to avoid detection by an imperial probe, but despite best efforts they wind up having to open fire on it, but have difficulty hitting it.

Just when it looks like they are done for they are saved by Captain Vandar and Gold Squadron. It turns out that Gold Squadron are in the area to escort a rebel transport carrying a precious cargo, which turns out to be none other than Mon Mothma.

She reveals to the Ghost crew that she is leaving the senate in order to attempt to unite all the rebel factions and launch a fight back against the empire. Trouble is the Empire will stop at nothing to stop her.

Having got word of the probe droids destruction. The empire send out a cruiser and some Tie Fighters and launch an attack on Mothma’s transport while the Ghost crew is refuelling. Captain Syndulla takes Mothma with her on the ghost and makes a daring escape while escorted by Ezra who is flying a Y-Wing with Gold Squadron.

Captain Syndulla charts a path that is off the main shipping routes and involves flying through a highly volatile nebula in which stars a born. It is a route that she thinks the Empire would not dare follow.

Not to be deterred Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Pryce formulate a plan to try and catch Mothma by anticipating what route Captain Syndulla and the Ghost crew will take.

As the arrive at the nebula the Captain Syndulla along with what remains of Gold Squadron find themselves being pursued by two Tie Fighters and a prototype Tie, which is armed with ion cannons.  It seems that the rebels are done for, but Captain Syndulla diverts all defensive power to her forward shields and flies into the very heart of a star while it is forming. Forcing the ship to gradually burn up. The y-Wings follow suit. As a result two of the ties burn up while the prototype is damaged and has to break off pursuit.  Ezra and Gold leader stay in the nebula to ward off the prototype tie fighter and allow the Ghost to leave the nebula.

As the ghost leaves the nebula Syndulla and Mon Mothma find themselves confronted by two Star Destroyers. One of which is commanded by Governor Pryce who orders Syndulla and Mothma to surrender.

Mon Mothma agrees to the surrender, but in order to buy Syndulla and Chopper time to get emergency power and the hyper-drive going, she starts stating terms and conditions for the surrender. This ploy only gets them so far because Pryce becomes impatient and tries to bring the ghost aboard her ship with the tractor beam.

As they are being slowly pulled into the Star Destroyers loading bay. Ezra and Gold Leader having done away with the prototype tie come out of the nebula and start strafing the rear of the Star Destroyers. Syndulla pleased to see them orders them to fire at the nebula, which causes a chain reaction that heavily damages the two imperial star destroyers and thus forces them to release the tractor beam, which allows the rebels to make their escape.

Having arrived at the arranged point in space. Mon Mothma with help from the Ghost crew transmits an inspiring speech, which is designed to unite the rebel factions into forming the alliance. After a few painful moments we see loads of ships slowly coming out of hyperspace to meet up with the Ghost and Mon Mothma. 

This for me was an excellent episode, which is a great bit of foreshadowing to the events seen in last years Star Wars Rogue One. Genevieve O’Reilly who played Mothma in Rogue one lends her voice to the series and is absolutely brilliant. 

I particularly enjoyed the friendship that forms between Mothma and Syndulla and it is apparent that Mothma admires the bravery and cunning of Syndulla when it comes to her strategy for dealing with the empire.

At present it hasn’t been announced whether we’ll see a fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. Which is a little maddening given how much things are starting to move toward events seen in Rogue One. More maddening is the fact that we know the ghost was in the battle to retrieve the death star plans and Syndulla even got referenced over the coms as Admiral Syndulla.

With only three episodes left for the third season. I am hoping for some great surprises and epic happenings.

Star Wars Rebels - Secret Cargo
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