In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Legacy Of Mandalore

Sabine returns to her home planet with Kanan and Ezra to find herself embroiled in her family's power struggle

Synopsis: Sabine returns to her home planet with Kanan and Ezra to find herself embroiled in her family’s power struggle for the planet.

Review: Continuing from where the last episode left off. Sabine is now fully competent when it comes to wielding the Dark Saber and returns home to Mandalore in hopes of using it to unite her people, but the first obstacle is convincing her own family that with help. They can take the planet back and free it from the grasping claws of the Galactic Empire.

This was a really cool episode because we finally got to meet Sabine’s people and learned a bit more about her reasons for not only joining the rebellion, but also why she ran away.

Sabine’s mother Countess Ursa is as formidable a warrior as she is a politician and is not to happy when her daughter Sabine shows up. But we later learn that it was not because she felt Sabine betrayed them. But it was more because she felt Sabine was safer with the rebels than she was on Mandalore where she is thought of as a traitor.

Mandalore has sided with the Empire, but is only doing so while under the leadership of Gar Saxon who has brokered a deal with Ursa, which has her handing over the two Jedi in exchange for Sabine’s safety.

Saxon does not count on Fenn Rau being with Sabine and the Jedi and pretty soon the power struggle comes to an end as Sabine defeats Saxon in a saber duel.  Which frees her mother up to start making some actual decisions to help get Mandalore out from under the Empire.

To that end Sabine decided that she must stay behind and help her mother and family find the right leader for their people to rally behind.

This makes for a touching moment in which Sabine parts ways with her rebel friends. At least for the time being.

It was great to see ‘Star Wars Rebels’ back again after what seems to have been a long break. And this was a pretty solid episode to get this started again, but I can’t help getting the feeling that we’ll be seeing much more plot reveals as the story wraps up for another season.

Star Wars Rebels - Legacy Of Mandalore
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