In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Family Reunion And Farewell Part 1 & 2

Ezra and team take drastic action to free Lothal. 

Synopsis: Ezra and team take drastic action to free Lothal.

Review: Last night Star Wars Rebels gave us one hell of a series finale, which ended the show on a really nice and optimistic note.

Family Reunion and Farewell delivered on so many levels. We see Ezra face temptation by the Emperor into saving his mum and dad from their fate, but it’s a temptation that Ezra ultimately resists so he is best placed to save the lives of his new family.

As far as battles go. The fight to save Lothal and cast the empire out has some truly epic moments and every character gets their moment to shine. Among these moments are the friendship between Sabine and Ezra and Sabine growing into the role of a leader as she gives orders to the troops and helps lead the charge.

We learn that Lothal is a planet that is much stronger in the force than we initially realized and it was absolutely brilliant seeing the Loth Wolves play a role in the final battle. While the battle is taking place on the planet. Ezra has his own battle with his own conscience as well as with the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Ezra calls upon some friends to help defeat Thrawn, but his fate is left as a mystery, but we do know that he survives. It will be interesting to see if Ezra Bridger is brought back in some of the Star Wars media tie-in material or perhaps even the oft-discussed live-action series or a movie.

Overall. This was a brilliant series finale that gave all the characters their moment to shine and gave closure to this particular chapter of the Star Wars saga. I have no doubt that we’ll see a few new adventures from the Star Wars Rebels characters in future novels and comics. After all, we learn by the close of this that Hera fought the battle of Endor and also played a key role in Rogue One and we also have Ahsoka and Sabine searching for Ezra. So there are a few threads left open for writers and comic book creators to play around with.

Star Wars Rebels - Family Reunion And Farewell Part 1 & 2
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