In Review: Star Wars Rebels, Episode 15 “The Siege of Lothal”

This has got me unbelievably hyped for the new Star Wars film! Darth Vader!

Star Wars Rebels, Episode 15 “The Siege of Lothal” Broadcast on June 20, 2015

Written by Henry Gilroy

Directed by Bosco Ng and Brad Rau

The Ghost and the Phantom, piloted by Sabine, are with the Phoenix squad stealing cargo from three ships in deep space. Several TIEs are destroyed as they liberate the goods. Just as Hera brings the Ghost around to pick up the load, two Imperial frigates arrive as reinforcements. Ezra lets loose some galactic profanity at their appearance. Cue opening title card.

The rebels are outnumbered, so Commander Santo says they must withdrawl. However, Hera doesn’t want to leave without the items they came for. Zeb magnetizes the cargo containers to the Ghost‘s hull, Sabine reattaches the Phantom, and they blast off to warp. At the capital on Lothal, Tua and Kallus are in a room wondering what their fates will be after the destruction of Tarkin’s ship in the previous episode. Tua doesn’t know what to do about the rebels that have caused her administration so much trouble. “Perhaps that is the problem,” says Darth Vader, appearing in the door. “You lack imagination.” She is expected to go to Tarkin to explain her lack of progress with the insurgents. Kallus smiles as he leaves. “Not to worry, minister. Lord Vader and I will manage in your absence.” With the rebel fleet, Santo thanks Hera and her crew for providing necessary fuel to keep them going. Chopper bursts into the meeting with a transmission. Kanan tells him to play it. Old Joe appears in a live hologram feed stating someone needs their help — Tua. She wants to defect and Ezra and Kanan can feel her fear, though Ahsoka remains stone faced. Tua wants transport off Lothal in exchange for the secret reason the Empire is on Lothal, ordered by the Emperor himself. As the adults discuss this, Ezra states they have to help her. The Jedi agree and everyone else falls into line: the crew of the Ghost is going back to Lothal. In a hallway, Hera chastises Kanan for allowing Chopper into the meeting. He says that after this mission he wants them to go back out on their own. “Fighting alongside soldiers isn’t what I signed up for.” She pushes him into an alcove and tells him they’re fighting the right fight. “I survived one war. I’m not ready for another one.” Ezra overhears this last comment. Back at the capital, Tua is going somewhere followed by a probe that Kallus sent. Cue first commercial break.

Wow! What an opening! There’s a lot of Darth Vader in this episode and there’s no lowering his threat for the kiddies. His presence is a game changer for every scene he’s in, and when he’s sensed it’s equally creepy. Having James Earl Jones provide Vader’s voice just increases the Sith Lord’s presence. Sam Witwer’s addition to the cast for the final scene was awesome! It’s no spoiler, since it’s been hyped to death online and this episode was shown at the recent Star Wars Celebration, Vader and Kanan do battle. Having Vader use only one hand to duel alerted viewers to how much of threat Jarrus posed to him. The story by Henry Gilroy had the heroes getting deeper into the Rebellion and including Ahsoka in some key scenes were outstanding, especially when she gets close to this episode’s villain.

The good: Henry Gilroy’s script, Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, Darth Vader, some Han and Leia tension between Kanan and Hera, Darth Vader, Sam Witwer, Darth Vader, the action, Darth Vader, Ahsoka, Darth Vader, Tua’s story, Darth Vader, the entire battle with Vader on the planet, Darth Vader, the surprise appearance from a film character, Darth Vader, and the last three minutes.

Fun lines: “To everyone,” “Because that’s what we do,” “I feel so cold,” “Well, I’m gonna make a few friends,” “Kanan’s gone buckethead,” “We’re in trouble!”, “I wish it worked on you,” “Your master has deceived you into believing you can become a Jedi,” “You know what I do in hopeless situations?”, “Not him!”, “That’s what worries me,” “It’s too late, boys,” “All right if I tag along?”, and “The apprentice lives.”

The bad: I’ve got nothing!

The final line: This has got me unbelievably hyped for the new Star Wars film! Darth Vader! Vader versus Kanan! Vader encounters Ahsoka! The last three minutes! I feel like I’m nine years old again! Overall grade: A+


Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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