In Review: Star Wars Rebels – Double Agent Droid

Chopper and AP -5 are sent on a covert mission to retrieve some much needed imperial codes.

Synopsis: Chopper and AP -5 are sent on a covert mission to retrieve some much needed imperial codes.

Review: When Chopper and AP -5 are sent on a mission accompanied by Wedge Antilles. Things go dramatically wrong when a team of imperial droid hackers manage to hack into Chopper and take over his programming.

What follows is AP-5 trying to convince Wedge and then the crew of the Ghost that something is seriously wrong with Chopper, but his warnings fall flat as the Ghost crew seem to give Chopper than benefit of the doubt.

This was a fun episode, which was probably made with the younger side of the shows audience in mind.

One of the most childish funny moments is near the beginning of the episode where AP-5 and Chopper proceed to go through the argument of who is the better spy. It proceeds into a droid rendition of the song ‘Anything You Can do. I can do better’, which goes on just long enough to become somewhat annoying to Wedge who jokes about being picked for the mission because no one else wanted it.

The journey to the imperial base where the droids get the codes is pretty straightforward and without apparent incident because the hackers are working from a communications ship, which is in space.

Things do not get really interesting til the droids along with Wedge return to the ghost.

Choppers imperial programming begins to play havoc with the crew and before he can be wiped he locks Captain Syndulla and the rest of the crew in the ships airlock and even tries to jettison them.

Its fair to see that Hera is pretty ticked that the imperials have messed with her droid and does get to take the appropriate revenge by the close of the episode.

The segments of AP-5 and Chopper arguing is somewhat reminiscent of how C3PO and R2D2 would argue, but AP-5 for me is slightly more annoying.

I enjoyed this episode to a point. But it was definitely made as a bit of filler material and doesn’t feel like it has to much in service to pay to this years story arc on the whole. Other than perhaps the imperial codes that the droids were sent to retrieve.

Hopefully next week. We’ll be back on track with something less droid orientated and more about the overall story arc for this year.

Star Wars Rebels - Double Agent Droid
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