In Review: Star Wars – Obi-Wan Kenobi Part 4

Obi-Wan is getting closer to channeling the Force ghost of his old master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Meanwhile, Inquisitor Reva attempts to manipulate Leia and use her as leverage against Kenobi.

Synopsis: Obi-Wan is getting closer to channeling the Force ghost of his old master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Meanwhile, Inquisitor Reva attempts to manipulate Leia and use her as leverage against Kenobi.



Obi-Wan part 4 opened with a montage. Showing Kenobi’s memory of his Darth Vader encounter. As he heals in a bacta tank. Soon after, the Jedi General and Tala make plans. to rescue Leia from the Fortress Inquisitorius. Additionally, Tala infiltrates the Fortress allowing Obi-Wan to enter through an underwater duct. Meanwhile, Reva attempts to coax information from Leia without success.

Also we see some really cool scenes of Kenobi sneaking through the fortress. A security droid spots him however. On top of that, Reva’s patience wears out and she sends Leia to be tortured. Obi-Wan begs Tala to create a distraction which she does. Allowing the Jedi General to save Leia from the torture chamber.

Furthermore, viewers are treated to some awesome scenes of Kenobi fighting his way out of the Fortress Inquisitorius. By the same token, Ben and Leia meet Tala who attempts to smuggle them out of the fortress. Only for Reva and Stormtroopers to corner them.

Wade and Sully fly in to make the save at the cost of Wade’s life. Over and above that, Reva tells Vader she has placed a tracker on Obi-Wan’s ship.



Moses Ingram showed great range and great intensity in this outing. I really enjoyed her faux gentleness. Which belied her creepiness and the threat she posed to Leia. Ingram’s scenes with Indira Varma‘s Tala were great too. Varma showed Tala’s nervousness. And also her cleverness well. Further, Varma depicted Tala’s courage during her scene with Joss Glennie-Smith‘s security guard very well. I really felt for Reva and Tala when the former asked why Tala betrayed the Empire.

Ewan McGregor was great. During the scene where Obi-Wan tries to convince Roken, Wade and Sully to help. McGregor’s physical acting when Kenobi was walking through the tomb was also top notch. Vivien Lyra Blair was amazing at putting across both Leia’s defiance and her fear. As well as her cunning. I adored when Leia said “You’re alive.” To Obi-Wan when he rescued her. O Shea Jackson Jr brought genuine passion and feeling to his role as Roken. It was great when he agreed to help Obi-Wan and Tala. And of course  James Earl Jones was phenomenal as Darth Vader’s voice.



Part 4 of Kenobi displayed impressive CGI. I enjoyed when Obi-Wan used the Force to hold the incoming water back. And of course the FX of the water submerging the Stormtroopers was also great. The droids and the fortress itself were brilliant. And it was great to see Ben bust out the lightsaber at last. The fighter ships were well realised too.


Incidental Music

Kenobi Part 4 offered some exceptional incidental music. I loved the mystical theme that played while Obi-Wan was convalescing at the beginning. As well as the sweet, gentle score from when Tala told Ben to forget the past. The music when Kenobi rescued Leia was beautiful. As was the action score when Obi-Wan was fighting the droids and Stormtroopers. Moreover, part 4 had a great heroic theme when Wade and Sully saved our heroes. Also affecting was the subtle score when Roken realises that they are now soldiers. Into the bargain the theme when Leia holds Ben’s hand at the end was utterly lovely. And really created that moment.



Another strong week for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Perhaps not as dazzling as previous outings. But a strong, solid story helped by some very good performances. Thumbs up from me.


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