In Review: Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #2

While searching for a new base to relocate to. Leia and Luke happen upon an ice planet that they believe to be fairly remote.

Synopsis: This second issue of Hyperspace Stories takes place after the destruction of the Death Star and the Rebels looking for a new base. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa investigate a mountainous world that could prove useful as a new base, only to discover all is not as it seems.


The Story

While searching for a new base to relocate to. Leia and Luke happen upon an ice planet that they believe to be fairly remote. However, as they investigate they learn that the Empire also has an interest and presence. Now on the run. The two rebel heroes must broker a deal and survive treacherous terrain in order to get back home with vital information for their fleet.


The Artwork

The artwork in this book is likely designed to appeal to younger readers than it is to us more mature readers. I was not a fan. The character drawings looked quite simple and a bit blocky for my taste. However, the colorwork did smooth out some of the edges and I quite liked the mix of blues and white for the more ice-covered parts of the planet.



Cecil Castellucci produces a fairly good story here, which has some nice foreshadowing for what we know is to come on the planet, Hoth. The pairing of Luke and Leia at this point in the Star Wars timeline is always going to be an interesting one. Especially given that they are not aware as of yet that they are brother and sister. The Hyperspace Stories anthology idea presents the various writers with opportunities to fill in some of the empty spaces between movies. And this sits nicely between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. 

While I quite enjoyed the story of Luke and Leia on the run from Snow Troopers. It was the smaller character moments that truly stood out in this book. There is a moment where Leia finds a toy Wookiee in a junk store that triggers a nice conversation where Leia shares a memory of her childhood with Luke.

Overall. While I wasn’t overly impressed with the artwork for this. I did enjoy the story.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #2
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