In Review: Star Wars: Hidden Empire (2022-) #4 (of 5) THE ENDGAME GAMBIT APPROACHES!


Having escaped death in last months issue. The Archivist is setting up to once again open The Fermata Cage, but needs some assurances from Lady Qi’ra that she will be protected. Meanwhile, Lady Qi’re is setting things up for her endgame. But has to once again call on The Knights of Ren and ask them to return in order to help protect The Archivist as she once again opens The Fermata Cage.

Elsewhere, The Emperor and Lord Vader make their own preparations as they address their own concerns about the Sith that is being held in the cage. After all, the rule of two should never be broken. There is always just one Master and one Apprentice in the Sith.


The Artwork

Steven Cummings produces some of the best artwork to date on this series. We get some great panels where we see The Emperor and Darth Vader spar with their Lightsabers so that The Emperor can brush up on his fighting technique. We also get some great facial expressions from the Emperor during the parts where he is explaining his concerns about The Fermata Cage to Vader.

We also get some great visuals when we see The Archivist open the Fermata Cage on a planet, which is rich in plant life, but also rich in both Light and Dark side force energy.



Charles Soule really gets to the endgame in this penultimate issue, which has some brilliant moments for all the key characters. I loved the powerful speech that Lady Qi’ra gives to all of her Crimson Dawn followers.

I also loved the sparring session between Vader and The Emperor and think that Soule could have easily gotten a full issue out of that duel has he truly wanted too.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire (2022-) #4 (of 5) THE ENDGAME GAMBIT APPROACHES!

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