In Review: Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca (2022-) #5 “LET’S KEEP A LITTLE OPTIMISM HERE.”


Synopsis: “LET’S KEEP A LITTLE OPTIMISM HERE.” But optimism is hard to come by with the Millennium Falcon gone and Han and Chewie in their toughest spot ever! Greedo is back and boy, is he mad! Featuring the returns of Marshal Buck Vancto and Khel Tanna. Which one is going to get their hands on Han first?


The Story

Having rescued Han in the last issue. Chewbacca and Han now find themselves stranded, but they are not alone for too long as a team of bounty hunters led by Khel Tanna shows up and they want Han to lead them to the urn. The trouble is the man claiming to be Han’s father who has stolen the urn and is now looking to offload it. Little does Han’s fake father know that Marshal Buck Vancto is on the case and plans to use capturing him as bait.



We get a brilliant cover for this issue from Phil Noto which features a nice drawing of Han and Chewie with Marshall Vancto and Khel Tanna looming on either side of them. The artwork inside the book is drawn brilliantly by David Messina. The best series of panels is where we see Han’s father or fake father get captured by Marshal Buck Vancto. We also have some great action beats that lead up to the capture of Chewie.



Marc Guggenheim’s story takes on a number of twists. One of which I think most readers would have seen coming when it comes to the reveal about Han’s father. I particularly enjoyed how well executed Marshall Buck Vancto’s storyline was executed. Particularly his capture of Han’s fake dad and how that builds towards Chewie’s capture. Also, having T’onga turn up as one of Khel Tanna’s bounty hunters is a nice twist that I hope will get referred to in the Bounty Hunters series.

Overall. A really fun issue that leaves us with a cliffhanger that would make the old Flash Gordon movie serials from the 1930s and 40s blush.

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca (2022-) #5 “LET’S KEEP A LITTLE OPTIMISM HERE.”
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