In Review: Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca (2022-) #4

OH…SHYRIIWOOK! HARROO! RHOO AAHH! HRRG!!! (TRANSLATION: It's a Chewbacca-centric special issue as Chewie fights to rescue his friend Han.)

Synopsis: OH…SHYRIIWOOK! HARROO! RHOO AAHH! HRRG!!! (TRANSLATION: It’s a Chewbacca-centric special issue as Chewie fights to rescue his friend Han.) HRRARRARGH AAHHRA HUGGG! (TRANSLATION: Guest-starring the one-and-only KRRSANTAN!) RRRAHARRR RAAA HRRRA! (TRANSLATION: You don’t want to miss this one!)


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Han and the man claiming to be his father have found the Urn, but before they have a chance to grab it they run into the bounty hunter KRRSANTAN who kidnaps Han. However, Chewbacca having tried to get to KRRSANTAN before he grabbed Han has cleverly planted a tracker on the bounty hunter’s ship. Having scoops Han’s father up. Chewie sets out to follow KRRSANTAN in the Falcon and launch a rescue mission. But all does not go according to plan.


The Artwork

David Messina gets to have a great deal of fun with this issue as he gets to do some Wookiee on Wookiee action. The opening few panels of Chewie going after Black Krrsanton are awesome. I loved the way in which both these iconic Wookiee’s have such different yet similar facial expressions. Also good was seeing the visual of Chewie struggling to communicate with Han’s father. And how Chewie’s features kind of softened when Han’s father managed to understand some of what Chewie was trying to convey to him. The eventual fight between Chewie and Krrsantan at the close of the book is short-lived, but fun to see.



This was a really strong issue, which featured Chewbacca in a really fun way. I loved all the Wookiee sounds and how they were laid out. But it was the various micro-expressions that Chewie makes that made this issue so much fun. The moments where Chewie is interacting with Han’s father were well written. As I can imagine most would struggle to communicate with Chewie if they didn’t know the Wookiee’s language in the same way as Han does.

Overall. A really fun issue to read, which has a cliffhanger ending that will keep fans on the edge of their seats until the next issue arrives.

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca (2022-) #4
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