In Review: Star Wars: Crimson Reign (2021-) #5 (of 5) “THE SCARLET QUEEN”

“THE SCARLET QUEEN” LADY QI’RA has used every tool at her disposal to generate chaos in the Galactic Empire

Synopsis: “THE SCARLET QUEEN” LADY QI’RA has used every tool at her disposal to generate chaos in the Galactic Empire, all to further her goal of eradicating the Sith. But as the final phase of Qi’ra’s grand plan is revealed, she is about to learn a lesson that the Jedi Order also came to understand. Underestimate EMPEROR PALPATINE and pay the price.


The Story

With Commander Zahra’s ship destroyed by the Rebels and the various crime syndicates at odds with each other. It seems that Choas has spread throughout the Empire. But Lady Qi’ra up until this point has been the one doing the hunting. It is now time for her to become the hunted as Emperor Palpatine has learned of Crimson Reigns’ plot. He and his apprentice Darth Vader have figured out who trained Qi’ra.

However, Qi’ra is more than ready for what is to come. And she is already preparing to groom her successor should she fail in her task.


The Artwork

Steven Cummings continues to deliver the goods where the art is concerned. This issue in particular has quite a lot going on. But the best panels are all set in the Emperor’s palace as we see Palpatine figure things out and brief Vader on what is happening. The character drawing is absolutely top-notch. Especially where the Emperor is concerned. We also get some flashback panels to Qi’ra’s duel with Darth Vader, which was fun to revisit. But it’s the staging of the scenes that take place in Palpatine’s throne room that is so well drawn that you can actually envisage these events taking place on the big screen.



This issue brings to an end the Crimson Reighn storyline, but it isn’t the end of the story. That is yet to come in a new mini-series that will be called The Hidden Empire. And of course, we’ll be subscribing to it. Or at least trying to cover every issue.

Overall. A great ending or should I really say beginning.

Star Wars: Crimson Reign (2021-) #5 (of 5) “THE SCARLET QUEEN”
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