In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #8

A DEADLY FAVOR! To pay back a debt, VALANCE undertakes a rescue mission to save the crew of a crippled REBEL transport.
Bounty Hunters

Synopsis: On this month’s Bounty Hunters. A DEADLY FAVOR! To pay back a debt, VALANCE undertakes a rescue mission to save the crew of a crippled REBEL transport. That dangerous job will take the bounty hunter deep into the heart of the pirate-infested space in THE OUTER RIM. But lying in wait is both an old enemy…and a new threat!


The Story

Having gotten away from  ZUCKUSS AND 4-LOM in the last issue. Valance goes to see Syphacc about some work but finds that his old friend has turned on him. He has hired feared Bounty Hunter Kondra to take Valance down so he can collect the bounty. It would seem that Valance cannot go anywhere without running into Bounty Hunters that have been hired to bring him in.

As he escapes from Syphacc’s deception. Valance receives a mission from the leader of the Rebel Base that he accidentally compromised a few issues back. A rebel ship has gone missing. It is now Valance’s job to fly into an area of space that is heavily patrolled by pirates.



Firstly, it has to be said. Paolo Villanelli gets this issue off to a brilliant start with an unbelievably brilliantly drawn space battle. The issue starts with a flashback sequence to when Valance was in the Imperial Navy. Apparently, he served the Empire at around the same time as a certain Han Solo was a member. Furthermore, Valance even got to fly with Solo. The battle at the beginning of the issue is brilliantly illustrated by Villanelli. The way the artist transitions between the cockpit and exterior shots of the pilots really makes this an exciting beginning.

The following scenes in the bar are wonderfully drawn and very truthful to the look and feel of Star Wars drinking establishments. We get a good variety of aliens in the bar. The confrontation between Valance and Kondra is brilliantly done.



This was another solid issue. To begin with. We get some brilliant references to other much-loved characters. Firstly, we have Han Solo in the opening sequence and then later on we get a playful reference to Fennec Shand. Apparently, it was cheaper for Syphacc to hire Kondra instead of trying to hire Shand.

I also loved the bit of banter between the Alien musicians in the bar.

Overall. A really fun issue. And a pretty good start to a new story arc. Which may or may not reunite Valance with his old friend Han Solo.


You can pick up a Digital Copy of this issue and all back issues at ComiXology.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #8
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