In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #7


Synopsis: This month on Star Wars: Bounty Hunters. NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE FINDSMEN! A badly wounded VALANCE reunites with a long-lost love on a secret Rebel base… but trouble is right on his heels. ZUCKUSS AND 4-LOM, the deadliest bounty hunting duo in the galaxy are closing in, ready to take out their quarry dead or alive!


The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Bounty Hunter Valance has barely escaped from Zuckuss and 4-Lom. A badly wounded valance returns to his home planet, which is home to a secret rebel base. While there Valance and his charge Cadelia are looked after by Yura, who is the love of Valance’s life. Now married and leading the rebels. Yura tends to Valance’s wounds and agrees to look after Cadelia. But before Valance has a chance to get comfortable. Zuckus and 4-Lom stage an elaborate attack on the base, which includes the use of some Battle Droids, which are leftover from the Clone Wars.


The Artwork

Paolo Villanelli does some fantastic work on this issue. This includes a brilliantly drawn action sequence in which Valance and the Android 4-Lom scrap it out while Yuri tries to escape with Cadelia in tow. The artist’s interpretation of Zuckus and 4-Lom is brilliantly in keeping with how the Bounty Hunting team looked when we first saw them in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This is an impressive achievement given that they were a blink and you’d miss it moment from the movie. Added to that. I also felt that the flashback scenes of a younger Valance and Yura were handled really well.



Ethan Sacks continues to add more layers to Valance and has used these last two issues to fill in some of the blanks about this Bounty Hunter’s past. In a way Star Wars: Bounty Hunters is taking on a similar narrative to The Mandalorian only minus the child, The Mandalorians and the Jedi. In fact, the world that Valance deals in will allow more exploration of the Underworld. It will not surprise me if we see a few Hutts in issues to come. The decision to leave Cadelia with Yura is a good one. Had she stayed in the care of Valance. It would have limited story options moving forward. Plus I suspect she and Yura will work better as recurring characters.

Overall. A really enjoyable issue, which uses two of Star Wars’s least appreciated Bounty Hunters to great effect. I look forward to seeing where Valance ends up in next month’s story.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #7
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