In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #41 – A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!


Synopsis: A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! T’ONGA and ZUCKUSS have been BETRAYED…and CAPTURED! A mindwiped VALANCE has terrifying plans for his former crewmates. But one LAST HOPE for salvation may come from the unlikeliest of allies.


The Story

Having escaped from the imperial fleet in the last issue. Jyala Haydenn has gone Absent without leave to try and save the life of Valance by passing a backup copy of his memories onto Losha who is on her mission to rescue her life partner T’onga. Meanwhile, T’onga and Zuckuss having been betrayed by Bossk are prisoners of the Robotic Scourge who have taken over Valance’s cyborg body and have been using him as a meat puppet, which is a fate worse than death.


The Artwork

Davide Tinto does some fantastic work on this issue. The image of T’onga in restraints for the operation to erase her humanity is seriously chilling. The image is a great way of building tension for her escape attempt, which buys time for Losha to come in with some help from Vulkhura. However the real fun is when we see the Tooka Cats attacking Valance’s army toward the close of the issue. Star Wars needs more Tooka Cats.



This is a fantastic conclusion to the Star Wars Bounty Hunter’s segment of the Dark Droids story arc. I loved the bitter-sweet moment where Jyala hands Losha the backup of Valance’s memories knowing that he’ll probably not remember the love that they’d shared. I also loved Valance’s chance to get back at his robot oppressors at the end of the book. And the quieter moment where it appears that Valance may remember who Jyala is after all. But will he remember what she meant to him?

Overall. A really strong penultimate issue, which hope has laid the groundwork for a great finale.


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #41 - A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!
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