In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #39 – SCOURGE OF THE CYBORG!


Synopsis: SCOURGE OF THE CYBORG! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! Turned into a mindless killing machine, VALANCE is out to eliminate his former crew! Do BOSSK and ZUCKUSS stand a chance? Can even the mighty DURGE stop him? And TARR KLIGSON’S SECRET PLAN is finally revealed!


The Story

As we learned in the last issue. Kligson has fixed Valance by removing what was left of his humanity and making him the perfect Cyborg. Now  T’onga and her team of Bounty Hunters have to deal with the fallout as Kligson reveals his plans, which do not include organic beings. It would seem that the parameters of T’onga’s mission have changed as she now has to make good on a promise that she made to Valance before she took him to Kligson.

Elsewhere, Losha is looking to reconnect with T’onga as her life has gotten a little light on action.



Davide Tinto gets to do a nice mix of action beats as well as more character-driven panels like where Valance asks T’onga to kill him should he lose all of his memories. This one brief moment in this book is so well drawn as we truly see the hurt etched into T’onga’s face as she realizes that what she is being asked to do by her friend is essentially the only way it can go down should Kligson not help.

We also get some great action beats as we see Valance devoid of his humanity mindlessly obeys Kligson’s orders and fights his former friends.



Ethan Sacks continues to weave an interesting story, which sees the friendships between T’onga and the other Bounty Hunters that she has added to her crew truly tested. It is also a great issue that explores T’onga’s feelings toward Valance as she thinks of him like a brother.

Overall. Another solid issue.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #39 - SCOURGE OF THE CYBORG!
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