In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #35


With the empire having removed the memory chip from Valance in the last issue. He is fast losing all of his human memories and in danger of losing both his identity and his humanity. To that end. T’onga has sold her ship The Edgehawk and made her way to The Bounty Hunters Social Club to see Khel Tanna about lending a Ship for a mission to go after Boba Fett. Meanwhile, Valance is writing memories down and drawing pictures of his loved ones before his memories entirely vanish.


The Artwork

Lan Medina gets a lot of opportunity to show off what they can do in this issue. Firstly, we have some great panels set within the Bounty Hunters social club, which has a similar vibe to it then the bar where Luke and Ben Kenobi found Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope, but this particular bar looks a little bigger. We also get some great talking head moments between Valance and the other crew members where he is writing stuff down to try and maintain his memories. One particular panel sees Bossk intervening on Valance’s behalf, which was quite fun given that they were fighting like cats and dogs in the previous issues.

The best is saved for last as we get some great panels in which T’onga and her group look to take down Boba Fett. It’s fair to say that things happen very fast in these final few pages, and Medina does a great job of making the action visually flow.



This is a solid issue that begins a new arc for T’onga and her crew. Long-time readers like myself get rewarded with a few fun callbacks to previous issues. Namely, a sequence in which Valance takes on Boba Fett and comes off second best again. In this mini-fight. Boba Fett refers to the last time that they fought. Which was way back in issue 5 of this book.

Overall. This is a fun story, which ends on an interesting cliffhanger.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #35
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