In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #34


Synopsis: INFERNO SQUAD TAKES THE SHOT! The BOUNTY HUNTERS must take on the INFERNO SQUAD head-on! This is the final fight of the Bounty Hunters as you know them! The fallout will shake the lineup to its core… Who STAYS? Who GOES? Who JOINS?


The Story


Having gotten Tonga out of the way in the last issue. Inferno Squad and their leader set sights on their primary objective of erasing Valance’s memories, but in order to do so. They need to overpower Tonga’s crew without use of lethal force, which is easier said than done.

Meanwhile, IG-88 sets his sights on taking out the Unbroken Clan’s leadership. However, Vukorah has anticipated IG-88’s orders and stepped down as the clan’s leader.


The Story

Paolo Villanelli does some great artwork for this issue. My favorite series of panels is the whole sequence where IG-88 infiltrates the throne room of The Unbroken Clan and has an exchange of words with Vulkorah, which sees IG-88 fulfill his mission parameters without killing her. I loved the close-up art of IG-88’s face, which looked seriously ominous and devoid of expression. One might say it is the ultimate poker face.

We also get some fantastic art for the sequence where Valance and Bossk are doing ship repairs and we see the arrival of Inferno Squad who are in disguise in order to try and trick Losha and the crew.



This issue does a solid job of wrapping up the arc involving the Empire’s mission to wipe Valance’s memory, but it also sees some changes to Tonga’s crew as they prepare for their next big job. I really liked the brief flashback that we were shown about Valance’s childhood, which showed us the stakes of what would happen should the empire win. I also liked how the issue closed out with Tonga having to make a really difficult command decision.


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #34
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