In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #32

Zuckuss is teetering between life and death... A mysterious event has put the Gand bounty hunter in a deep coma reliving his past.

Picking up from last month’s issue. The Bounty Hunters have managed to rescue Valance and are on the run with the Empire in close pursuit. In order to get away our motley gang of Anti-Heroes pilot their ship into The Lost Souls Asteroid Field and are relying on Zuckus to get them through it. However, as soon as they head into the field Zuckus goes into a trance and starts to have seizures where he hallucinates about an initiation that his people go through in order to become the ultimate findsman.


The Artwork

Paolo Villanelli produces some gorgeous artwork for this issue. I loved the hallucination sequences where we get to see the initiation that Zuckuss’s people go through in order to be Findsman. In short, they have to recover a rare flower. But track through a dangerous jungle in order to find it. The color pallet used for this sequence is a losh mixture of greens and browns and is really eye-catching. Especially when we see Zuckuss having to deal with the monstrous Charon.



This was a fantastic issue that gives us some interesting insight into Zuckuss’s people and their ways. I loved how the hallucinations that Zuckuss has mirror the life and death struggle that he is going through while 4-LOM is doing all he can to save his friend. Additionally, I also love that we have Valance back with the group as his ongoing conflict with Bossk is just so much fun to see.

Overall. A really fun issue.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #32
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