In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #24

Bounty Hunters Dengar is leading T'onga's bounty hunter crew on a desperate attempt to break into the Crimson Dawn's stronghold
Bounty Hunters

Synopsis: This month in Bounty Hunters Dengar is leading T’onga’s bounty hunter crew on a desperate attempt to break into the Crimson Dawn’s stronghold – and he’s also leading them into a trap! Meanwhile, Valance has found new purpose as Darth Vader’s secret weapon. But how far will he be willing to go to protect an Imperial officer from assassins?


The Story

Having killed the leader of The Mourners Wail in the last issue. Dengar has join joined up with T’onga’s Bounty hunter crew and is tasked with helping them board the Crimson Dawn’s stronghold. However, he is leading them directly into a trap. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has dispatched his secret weapon Valance to prevent an assassination of an Imperial General. However, Valance isn’t aware that there are two assassins that he has to stop.



Paolo Villanelli gets a ton of action to draw in this issue and he does a fantastic job as the action hardly lets up. His character drawings are fantastic and I have been particularly impressed with his drawings of Dengar and Bossk throughout the run of the comic. The final page looks fantastic and is a brilliant visual cliffhanger to end the issue on. I mean seeing T’onga’s crew go up against The Knights of Ren is going to be interesting and even saying that could be a massive understatement. I loved the series of panels in which Valance takes down an AT Walker with a speeder bike.



Another fantastic issue. I really enjoy how Dengar seems to have a gift for rubbing everyone he meets up with the wrong way. Ethan Sacks has done a fabulous job of voicing Dengar throughout the run of this comic. I particularly enjoyed the communication between Dengar and his partner, which ties Dengar to the assassination job that Valance was supposed to prevent. Overall. This issue illustrates why the Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Universe are fun characters to base stories around.

All that said though. I can’t wait to see Valance get away from The Empire.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #24
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