In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #21

Bounty Hunters

Synopsis: T’ONGA’S BOUNTY HUNTERS FACE THEIR DEADLIEST MISSION YET! T’ONGA, BOSSK, TASU LEECH, ZUCKUSS, 4-LOM and LOSHA are plotting to kidnap the leader of a major crime syndicate. But is the crew walking into a trap? And what is the diabolical DENGAR planning that could jeopardize everything?


The Story

T’onga and her team are still looking to kidnap the leader of the Unbroken Clan, which has been taken over by Qi’ra but is being watched over by Deathstick. Meanwhile, Qi’ra and the Crimson Dawn are looking to hunt down the young girl Cadeliah who is the sole person that can unite the clans. To that end she has employed the services of Dengar, but what is he planning?

Meanwhile, T’onga gets a surprise when she learns that Deathstick is leading the Unbroken Clan.


The Artwork

 Paolo Villanelli continues to hit out of the park with some brilliant artwork. His drawings of 4-Lom, Zuckuss, and Bossk are bang on what I remember them looking like in their brief movie appearances. In fact, he has improved them in some areas and given them a bit more character. The action beats in which we see T’onga take on Deathstick are brilliantly drawn. It is all drawn in such a way that it feels like a movie. I particularly enjoyed how T’onga’s other half Losha gets her moment to shine with a sniper rifle in hand. 



As with previous issues. Writer Ethan Sacks continues to make clever use of some of Star Wars’ most loved Bounty Hunters. I have particularly enjoyed how he has incorporated The Crimson Dawn and The Unbroken Clan into the story while also giving us more insight into their part when it comes to the bigger picture.

This book along with the main Star Wars title continues to be a highlight of my month. Great work.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #21
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