In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-2024) #42 – THE EXPLOSIVE END OF THE SAGA!


Synopsis: THE EXPLOSIVE END OF THE SAGA! VALANCE THE BOUNTY HUNTER has one final mission to complete…and it may indeed be his LAST! Can he and the crew fight their way past BOBA FETT…and JABBA’s SECRET WEAPON?


The Story

The adventures of Beilert Valance, T’onga, and Losha conclude with an ending that ties up a lot of loose ends and leads nicely into events that fans saw in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. If like myself you have ever wondered about events that led up to Chewbacca’s capture by Jabba. Then this issue gives you a little bit of the answer. When we left the last issue Valance had decided to try and rescue his old friend Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt’s palace. However, Valance’s attack on Jabba is all part of a bigger plan that clears the way for Luke Skywalker and the Rebels to do their part. But Valance’s contribution to Han Solo’s rescue is not insubstantial. After all who else other than Valance would be crazy enough to take on the robot from hell in the form of the only remaining imperial Megadroid, which we first saw during the recent Star Wars: Yoda Comics in issue 8 of the book.

The series resolves with some nice endings for T’onga, Losha, and Valance as they get a chance at a relatively more conventional life. But the door is left open for future adventures should Ethan Sacks or someone else want to resurrect the series.



Jethro Morales and Paolo Villanelli  do a brilliant job on the artwork as we see Valance take on the Megadroid in the middle of a gladiatorial arena, which is a little similar to the one that we saw in Star Wars: Attack of The Clones. However, my favorite pieces of artwork in this issue are on the final few pages where we see T’onga and Losha visualizing what their new Bar will look like as they look to settle into a new routine and create a haven for the Bounty Hunters of the galaxy. We also get a similar bit of art in which we see Valance and Lt Hayden contemplate a future together.



Ethan Sacks gets to wrap his story up in such a way that it leaves us wanting more, but also a way that is satisfying for all the key characters. I loved the glance we get given at what their futures may hold and would love to revisit these characters at some future point in the Star Wars comic book universe. I really enjoyed this book.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-2024) #42 - THE EXPLOSIVE END OF THE SAGA!
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