In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #16 – SHADOW SOLDIERS

VALANCE and DENGAR make a last stand against DEATHSTICK!

Synopsis: “SHADOW SOLDIERS” VALANCE and DENGAR make a last stand against DEATHSTICK! T’ONGA seeks help from a LEGENDARY BOUNTY HUNTER! The bounty hunters converge on a high-stakes auction as CRIMSON DAWN’S plans come into focus!


The Story

Valance and Denger have made it to the planet Jekara where an auction is taking place for the prize of Han Solo. While Valance and Denger wait for the arrival of Boba Fett. T’onga and Losha have enlisted the help of Zuckus to help them keep the air to the heir to The Mourners Wail Syndicate safe. Meanwhile, a vengeful Bossk lays in wait to pounce on Bobba Fett at the earliest opportunity. But matters are somewhat more complex for Valance and his friends as the Empire has taken possession of Han Solo from the Crimson Dawn.



Paolo Villanelli gets a lot of opportunities to provide some stunning panels in this issue and succeeds. We get some brilliant shots of Valance and Denger’s arrival on Jekara as we see them fly by some of the planet’s wildlife. But is the artist drawing of Bossk that really catches the eye. I loved the sequence of panels in which Bossk has spotted Valance and is contemplating his vengeance on both him and Fett.

Also, great is the drawing that introduces Boba Fett’s presence into the story.



“SHADOW SOLDIERS” brilliantly adds to the story as we finally get to see Valance reconnect with Boba Fett. Also great is the presence of Crimson Dawn, which I hope will remain present in the Star Wars comics for years to come. It will be interesting to see if Crimson Dawn will back to Empire or play both sides against each other as they occupy such an interesting space in Star Wars.

The issue closes out with a nice little cliffhanger where we see Denger hanging over some information to The Dawn.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #16 - SHADOW SOLDIERS
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