In Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #10 – THE TERMINUS GAUNTLET


Synopsis: THE TERMINUS GAUNTLET CONCLUDES! VALANCE finds himself alone and outgunned against the dreaded NEW OHNAKA PIRATE GANG! The lives of the crew of a REBEL transport hang in the balance as he battles against grave odds. And what secret is DENGAR carrying that will upend Valance’s life?


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Valance has met up with the Rebels only to find the ship taken over by a group of pirates working with Dengar. Having learned that the Rebel Transport’s Captain is working with Dengar and the Pirates. Valance with some help from Rebel Private Sproull work together to take back control of the ship. In the flashback sequence, we see another brief moment from Valance’s time as a Tie Fighter Pilot in the Imperial Navy. Which, means another brief appearance from Han Solo who makes no secret of wanting out of the Empire.


The Artwork

THE TERMINUS GAUNTLET goes for a rather Die Hard feel in this issue. As Paolo Villanelli gets to draw lots of panels in which Valance is sneaking about the Transport taking out pirated a few at a time. I particularly loved the panel in which we see Valance sneaking on board the transport. And the panel in which Dengar is surprised by the lights going out suddenly is a great moment. We also get treated to a brilliant moment when the lights come back up and one of the pirated comments about getting Valance now the lights are back up. Only Valance is standing right behind them in a rather Terminator-like stance. That made me chuckled a little.



Overall. Ethan Sacks really should have retitled THE TERMINUS GAUNTLET to DIE HARD ON THE REBEL TRANSPORT because of the methodical way in which Valance operates in taking down the pirates felt very much like DIE HARD. I also loved the reference to Han Solo being in the custody of Boba Fett as Dengar sort of let’s slip that he missed out on that Bounty when Valance gets some much-deserved payback.


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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #10 - THE TERMINUS GAUNTLET
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