Boba Fett and Fennec Shand face an escalating conflict.

Synopsis: Boba Fett and Fennec Shand face an escalating conflict. Now Boba Fett and his soldiers must fight to defend Tatooine as well as their honor.


The Story

Picking up from last week. Boba Fett and his team are making ready for the fight of their lives and with the recent murder of Cobb Vanth. The odds seem very much in favor of the Pyke Syndicate. But before full-on battle commences Cad Bane confronts Boba with terms and warns him that he cannot count on any help from Cob Vanth or Freetown. As expected Boba Fett turns down the deal and pretty soon the fighting begins.

Pretty soon things take a turn for the worse when the people of Mos Espa turn on Boba Fett and his people, which gives the Pyke Army the upper hand. Fortunately, Black Krrsantan, Skad, and Drash are able to fight their opponents off and make it back to Boba for one last stand. 

Boba and Din Djarin are called into play when the Pyke sends in a couple of droid tank things to try and finish their troops off.  Din Djarin gets a little unexpected help with the arrival of his best buddy Grogu, who has chosen to stay with Din Djarin over becoming a Jedi. Meanwhile, Boba Fett brings his pet Rancor into play and the battle begins to turn in their favor.


The Acting

Temuera Morrison gets quite a lot to do in this episode, which is nice given that he got rather sidelined in the previous two episodes to update us on The Mandalorian and Grogu’s story, which link up well with this episode. However, Morrison got some great scenes for this season finale as we see him finally get payback on Cad Bane, who is voiced for possibly the final time in a live-action show by Corey Burton. You really have to have seen the Clone Wars animated series to understand why Cad Bane and Boba Fett have history. But to cut a long story short. Boba Fett learned his trade as a Bounty Hunter under Bane.

Pedro Pascal also gets some fantastic moments, but the best moment for most fans of these shows will be the touching reunion between Din Djarin and the Baby Yoda aka Grogu.



In the Name of Honor ticks pretty much all the boxes for a decent Star Wars season finale. It has plenty of action, lots of drama, and a fantastic soundtrack. We get some brilliant visual treats, the best being Boba Fett riding on top of his Rancor.

The overall feel of the episode felt a little like the old ‘Magnificent Seven’ western movies where a gang forms to help defend the town from evil bandits. And of course for fans like myself who have watched all the Star Wars animated shows. We get treated to a final duel between Boba Fett and Cad Bane. The question of whether or not Cad Bane is truly dead as yet remains to be seen. I mean, this is a Star Wars show. And Darth Maul managed to survive much worse.

Overall. A fantastic action romp that I might actually sit and watch again.


STAR WARS: BOOK OF BOBA FETT (S1 – EP7) In the Name of Honor
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