IN REVIEW: STAR WARS: BOOK OF BOBA FETT (S1 – EP5) The Return of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian returns

Synopsis: Having brought in a Bounty The Mandalorian returns to Tatooine in order to see Peli Motto about a new ship. The problem is they have to build it.


The Story

The Mandalorian returns and we see him bring in a Bounty before reconnecting with his Guild where he learns to use the Dark Saber. However, problems arise when Din Djarin starts trying to force his attacks with the saber. This leads to a challenge that he must accept. A challenge, which he just about wins. But when asked if he has ever removed his helmet. Din Djarin reveals that he has and is expelled from the guild.

Din Djarin then leaves on a commercial flight for Tatooine where he has to see mechanic Peli Motto about a new ship. Only the ship isn’t so new as it is from the republic era and isn’t a Razer Crest. Initially, Din Djarin is reluctant as the ship is in pieces. But Peli Motto persuades him to help her rebuild it.


The Acting

Pedro Pascal makes a welcome return as Din Djarin as we get caught up on some of what he has been doing since he was parted from Grogu. The episode also sees the return of Amy Sedaris as Peli Motto who brings quite a bit of comedy to the episode. I particularly enjoyed her exchanges with Din Djarin about dealing with the Jawa’s. Also, her saying that she had dated a Jawa once and that they were kind of Furry was fun.



This was a fun episode as well as a nice way to bring Din Djarin into the story by catching us up with him. It also served to remind us of how much Din Djarin has changed since we first met him back in 2019. I loved the whole sequence of events that lead to Din Djarin being expelled from his guild, but for me, the real joy was watching him build the new ship with Peli Motto. We also get some nice little easter eggs and references to the classic Star Wars movies. The most obvious is when Din Djarin tests his new fighter ship out near the legendary Beggar’s Canyon.

Boba Fett does not appear this week. But we do briefly see Fennec Shand toward the end of the episode when she visits to recruit Din Djarin. Overall. A solid and fun episode.

STAR WARS: BOOK OF BOBA FETT (S1 – EP5) The Return of The Mandalorian
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  • Jamie Coughlin
    26 January 2022 at 4:11 pm -

    It’s a little sad that I enjoyed this episode the most and it didn’t have any of the actual characters from the show in it! I did have to watch it on FF before work but was afraid I’d see a spoiler if I didn’t.

  • dalek01012
    26 January 2022 at 5:53 pm -

    I sort of agree with you in part. I think a big part of the problem is all the flash backs to what happened before Boba met Din Djarin in the last season of Mandalorian. They need to advance the plot threads of Boba going to war with the Pykes in order to gain control of Moss Espa. Because as fun as the Tuskin Raiders bit was. It wasn’t really all that interesting to devote an entire episode too.

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