In Review: Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett (S1 – EP1) Stranger in A Strange Land

Boba holds court and gets to know the people who will serve under him. However, he soon finds himself a stranger in a strange land. 

Synopsis: Having taken over Jabba The Hutts old cartel from Bib Fortuna. Boba holds court and gets to know the people who will serve under him. However, he soon finds himself a stranger in a strange land.


The Story

Having taken over Jabba’s palace from Bib Fortuna. Boba takes some much-needed time to heal in a Bacta Tank while Fennec Shand prepares things for the people’s tributes to Boba. While in his Bacta Tank. We see Flashbacks that reveal what happened to Boba Fett after his escape from the Sarlac Pit. He was basically mugged by a bunch of Jawa’s and then taken prisoner by some Sand People until he eventually earned his freedom.

Back in the Present Day. Fennec Shand informs her boss they the court is ready for him. All seems to be going well until an arrogant Mayors Aid tells Boba Fett that the Mayor will not be bending the knee and further makes clear that Moss Espa’s government expects tribute from Fett. Overall, Fett’s first day in charge of Moss Espa is not that great. In one other instance, he receives tribute from some dude, but cannot understand what he is saying. Obviously, he needs a protocol droid.

After a brief visit to a Cantina to receive tribute from Garsa Fwip. Boba makes it clear that he will not rule Moss Espa by fear but instead plans to rule with respect for its peoples and customs. However, it is at this point that he and Shand get attacked by some Ninja-looking dudes, which leads to a pretty awesome parkour chase where Shand goes after one of the escaping would-be assassins.


The Acting

Jennifer Beals as Cantina owner Garsa Fwip

Temuera Morrison is pretty solid throughout as Boba Fett, but much of the humour in this story comes from the fact that Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) isn’t really on the same page as him when it comes to trying to rule Moss Espa with respect. This is made pretty clear during the scene where she offers to kill the Mayor’s aid, and Boba turns the offer down. Ming-Na Wen’s casual but dry delivery of the line, “Should I kill him?” is timed so precisely that you just have to laugh.

We also see Jennifer Beals introduced to the series as Garsa Fwip. The Twi’lek owner of the Cantina, which Boba Fett and Fennec Shand visit. Hopefully, we get to learn more about Fwip in future episodes. Keen-eyed Star Wars fans will have noticed that the Max Rebo Band was in attendance, and playing a new rendition of their classic Cantina theme.



Stranger in a Strange Land does a great job of setting this new series up. We get some great action beats and some fun character moments. But we also get something that feels every bit a part of Star Wars than The Mandalorian does. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed not to spot the potential crossover opportunities.

I really liked the flashback sequences and how they show us the journey that Boba Fett has been on, which kind of reveals why he is wanting to try and rule over Moss Espa in a less tyrannical way than his predecessors.

Ming-Na Wen’s role as Boba Fett’s enforcer Fennec Shand lends itself to some fun comedic moments as well as some brilliant action beats. Which is something that Wen has become well known for.

Overall. This is a fun new twist on the old mysterious stranger trope.


Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett (S1 - EP1) Stranger in a Strange Land
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