The Empire catches up to Cassian, but are as yet unaware of his identity and past.
Narkina 5

Synopsis: In Narkina 5, The Empire catches up to Cassian, but are as yet unaware of his identity and past. Meanwhile, Meero’s investigations take her to Ferix.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Andor has been captured by the empire and sentenced to six years of hard labor on Narkina 5, which is a high-security prison. However, Andor has been using a fake identity so the Empire are unaware of who it is that they have in custody or for that matter Andor’s involvement in the robbery on Aldhani. Over the course of the episode Andor begins to learn the routines of the prison but is being watched by a fellow prisoner and work overseer Kino Loy.

On Ferix Andor’s mother has taken ill and Bix Caleen works desperately to try and get the word out to Andor via her communications link with Luthan. Meanwhile, after having spoken to Syril Karn in regard to his suspicions about Andor. Dedra Meero heads to Ferix and begins looking for suspects, which makes Bix a person of interest. Meero is not the only person looking for Andor on Ferix. Cinta Kaz and Vel Sartha are also looking for him. 

Elsewhere Luthan tries to make some sort of deal with the infamous rebel leader Saw Gerrera.


The Acting

Andy Serkis makes an imposing guest appearance and a rare one in which no CGI is used as a rather humanoid-looking Kino Loy who pretty much lets Andor know who is the boss from the very first moment they meet. We also get another great performance from Denise Gough as the ambitious Meero. Indeed the look of smug satisfaction on Meero’s face when she captures Bix was television gold.



A slightly more interesting episode to watch than last week’s episode. I liked the sequences on Narkino 5 and how things are obviously building up to something. There is an interesting sequence in which Andor observes some of the prisoners in the line hand signaling to each other. Could there be some sort of prison break in the works that we do not know about yet?

Overall. A fun episode, but not really too much in the way of a plot twist, but I sense something is coming.

STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP8) Narkina 5
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