IN REVIEW: STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP7) Announcement

The repercussions of the Aldhani heist reach all the way to Coruscant, while Cassian returns home.

Synopsis: In Announcement, The repercussions of the Aldhani heist reach all the way to Coruscant, while Cassian returns home.


The Story

Picking up from last week. We see some of the repercussions of the Aldhani heist as The Imperial Security Bureau ups their clamp down on those who dare to speak out against the empire. Meanwhile, Dedra Meero sees her opportunity for career advancement in the ISP as she orders one of her Lieutenants to do a search for all Imperial bases that have had equipment go missing so she can try and figure out a pattern to the various rebel attacks.

Elsewhere, Syril Karn finds himself another job as he begins to try and clear his name and get himself re-enrolled with the security services.

As for Cassian Andor. He returns home to Ferix to find that the planet has been taken over by Imperial forces. After seeing the woman that raised him after he was rescued. He goes to see Bix Caleen before he heads to a holiday planet and gets himself captured by an overzealous Security Trooper. Posing as another person. Andor finds himself condemned to six years for speaking out against the empire and various other made-up crimes.

On Coruscant Mon Mothma pays Luthen a visit and reveals that his attack on Aldhani has made her job of raising funds harder. Later at a party, she speaks to a senator who is an old childhood friend. Once she learns that he has no love for the Empire she rather cryptically tells him about her situation and how tightly the ISB is monitoring her every move.


The Acting

This week the best scenes mostly happen in Coruscant and at the ISB Headquarters. Genevieve O’Reilly has a fairly compelling scene with Stellan Skarsgård as we see Mon Mothma express her dismay to Luthen about the attack on Aldhani and how it has made her part in the Rebellion so much harder.

We also get a great scene between Ben Bailey Smith and Denise Gough in which Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin tries to undermine  Dedra Meero’s investigation into the various thefts of equipment from Imperial bases.



While there were a few good moments. For the most part, the episode felt rather uneven and in parts quite boring. Hopefully, this isn’t going to be a recurring theme in this series because it started really strong. But seems to have been very much hit-and-miss in recent weeks.

STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP7) Announcement
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