In Review: STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP5) The Axe Forgets

Cassian must carefully navigate the distrust inherent in being the new member of a secret operation.

Synopsis: In The Axe Forgets, Cassian must carefully navigate the distrust inherent in being the new member of a secret operation.


The Story

Having joined up with a secret rebel operation in last week’s show. Cassian has to try and navigate the mistrust of his fellow rebels. But when it becomes apparent that one of the group is simply not going to accept him. Cassian is forced to pretty much reveal that he has been paid to take part in the operation, which is to steal a bunch of imperial credits from a nearby base.

On Coruscant Mon Mothma has difficulties with her rebellious daughter and gets very little support from her husband. Elsewhere Luthen is very worried about the pending Rebel operation that he dropped Cassian into.

Meanwhile, Syril Karn has returned home and is stewing in his failure to capture Andor. While back at the imperial security borough. Lieutenant Dedra Meero continues to look into seemingly random thefts of equipment from various imperial bases.


The Acting

Diego Luna continues to do the troubled silent type routine but gets a bit more interaction this week with other members of the team that Cassian is doing his very best not to be a part of. The best exchanges are between Cassian and Arvel Skeen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) who seem to instantly rub each other the wrong way. The best scene is when Skeen finds Cassian’s Khyber Crystal and calls him out on it. 

We also get a strong performance from Denise Gough as the ambitious Dedra Meero who is looking to advance through the ranks but is being much more methodical about it. Gough is pretty convincing as an ambitious officer who is looking to make a mark for herself and seems to be more calculating than Syril Karn who she is yet to meet.



Not a great deal happens in The Axe Forgets as it focuses a great deal on characters as opposed to advancing the plot too much. I was hoping that we’d have seen Andor and the group does their mission. As I was hoping for a little more action. Given that we didn’t have too much of it in last week’s show. While the relationships are interesting to watch. I feel you could still have done the relationship stuff while the group was actually performing their mission. In fact, it would be tenser that way as the mistrust between Andor and the Group could threaten to screw the mission up.

Overall. A quite dull affair if brutally honest. Hopefully, we see a little more action and story advancement in next week’s show.

STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP5) The Axe Forgets
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