Cassian returns home to Ferrix, a tinderbox that is experiencing a spark of rebellion.
Rix Road

Synopsis: In Rix Road, Cassian returns home to Ferrix, a tinderbox that is experiencing a spark of rebellion. Both the ISB and Rebellion want Andor.


The Story

Following on from last week’s episode. Andor has returned to Ferrix but has to lay low as both the ISB and the Rebellion are after him. Having learned of his mother’s death Cassian hopes to use the cover of her state funeral as a distraction to rescue Bix Caleen who has been held captive by Meera and her ISB comrades. To that end the funeral gets off to a slightly early start, which panics the ISB and Stormtroopers into defensive action. 

While the Funeral Dirge plays. Luthen Rael returns and meets up with both Vel and Cinta and orders them to kill Andor on sight. Meanwhile, a safely out-of-sight Andor surveys the Hotel where Bix is being kept and prepares to make his move. As the dirge comes to a close. A hologram of Andor’s mother plays and speaks out against the Empire, which causes the people to riot against the ISB detachment that has been closely guarding them. This proves to be the perfect distraction for Ander to play out his rescue plan. 

Elsewhere on Coruscant Mon Mothma has a conversation in the back of a car with her husband. Pleading that he keep a low profile as she is fearful that her recent banking activities have drawn the attention of the Empire.


The Acting

We get some solid performances throughout this episode. Diego Luna gets some action scenes that player to Cassian’s strengths. While Adria Arjona does a brilliant job of portraying a very frightened Bix who has nearly lost hope.

We also get a great performance from Denise Gough as Meero who starts off very much in command only to be taken down and overwhelmed by the rioters. The scene where she has to be rescued by Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) plays out beautifully. I loved Meero’s reaction when she realizes who it is that has pulled her away from being trampled.

Rounding things off is Stellan Skarsgård who gives us a fantastic and unnerving Machiavellian smile when Luthen finally catches up with Andor.



Rix Road proves to be a fairly solid season finally and rounds off the storyline surrounding Ferrix fairly well. But leaves enough story threads dangling to be picked up in the second season.

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