IN REVIEW: STAR WARS: ANDOR (S1 – EP11) Daughter of Ferrix

A fugitive once more, Cassian must make his next move before it is too late.

Synopsis: In Daughter of Ferrix, Cassian’s Mother has died and funeral arrangements are being made. Meanwhile, A fugitive once more, Cassian must make his next move before it is too late.


The Story

On Ferrix Cassian’s mother has passed away and a group called the Daughters of Ferrix are looking to make funeral arrangements for a two-day ceremony, but they have to go through the Empire in order to get things signed off. Meanwhile, Meero is taking this as an opportunity to try and set a clever trap by giving the people of Ferrix a little of what they want. In the hopes that it will lure Andor out into the open. Elsewhere, Syril Karn hears news about Andor’s mother and looks to work to redeem himself. 

Having escaped the prison in last week’s show. Andor and his cellmate work to get off the planet and steal a ship. While speaking to someone on Ferrix. Andor hears news about his mother.

On  Coruscant Vel Sartha pays a visit to Luthen’s store to find that he isn’t there. This forces her to leave a message with Luthen’s assistant Kleya Marki. Meanwhile, Luthen is still off-world making arrangements with Saw Gerrera, which no not go smoothly. As Luthen makes his journey back to Coruscant he is pulled over by The Empire who suspect him of being a pirate. Thankfully he is able to get away.


The Acting

Forest Whitaker makes his second guest appearance as Saw Gerrera and has a tension-filled scene with Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen. Its very obvious that the two Rebel leaders have different methods of doing things, which is pretty much what creates the tension. Luthen is a more machiavellian leader who uses subterfuge and spies. While Gerrera prefers a much more direct approach.

Denise Gough also puts in a good performance as Meera who is definitely an up-and-coming star in the ISB. The actor does a great job of projecting a quiet sort of arrogance, which is somewhat characteristic of some officers that work in the Empire.



Daughter of Ferrix was a pretty solid episode that is obviously looking to set things up for next week’s first-season finale. It will be interesting to see whether or not Luthen managed to get away from the Empire cleanly. As there was a little bit of a dog fight between him and some Tie Fighters before he was able to go to warp.

Some Fun Predictions

It’s fairly obvious. That Andor will return to Ferrix in next week’s finale. So I am going to take that as a given. But I suspect we will most likely see a bit of a battle between the people of Ferrix and the imperial forces that are on the planet. I also think we will see a rescue attempt by Andor to get Bix out of Imperial custody.

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