IN REVIEW: STAR WARS: AHSOKA (S1 – EP 5) – Shadow Warrior

Ahsoka confronts her past, while Hera and her allies undertake a rescue mission.

Synopsis: In Shadow Warrior, Ahsoka confronts her past, while Hera and her allies undertake a rescue mission.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Hera and her team have landed on Seatos and are searching for Ahsoka who disappeared after her duel with  Baylon Skoll. It isn’t until her son Jacen Syndulla hears lightsabers coming from the ocean that Hera is able to zero in on Ahsoka’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, in the mythical world between worlds, Ahsoka has to confront some hard lessons from her past while locked in a lightsaber duel with Anakin Skywalker who is framing it as the continuation of Ahsoka’s Jedi training. This sequence of events includes some flashbacks to past events from the Clone Wars, which include Ahsoka’s first solo mission on Mandalore. 

As Hera gets closer to finding Ahsoka. Things take a turn when part of the Rebel Fleet is sent to take Hera back to the base for disobeying orders and going rogue. Thankfully, Hera is able to find Ahsoka and help her escape before the Fleet arrives.


The Acting

All the main players do solid work with their respective roles and even Hayden Christensen manages to impress me with his portrayal of Anakin, which is somewhat surprising given that I hated his performance during the movie trilogy. But, I think a special mention should go to Ariana Greenblatt who had the difficult job of playing the younger version of Ahsoka that we see during the world-between-worlds flashback sequences.



Shadow Warrior was an interesting entry into the story. I loved that young Ahsoka was asking questions about Anakin’s training approach. Is a Jedi primarily just a soldier? Is there anything more to being a Jedi than knowing how to fight? These are valid and important questions and continue the line of questioning that Ahsoka had when she trained with the Jedi during the Clone Wars era. 
I also enjoyed the sequence toward the end where we see the Space Whales migrate and take Ahsoka with them. Add to this the great lightsaber duel between Anakin and Ahsoka for the first time in live-action and you have a fun-filled episode.
STAR WARS: AHSOKA (S1 – EP 5) - Shadow Warrior
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