IN REVIEW: STAR WARS: AHSOKA (S1 – EP 4) – Fallen Jedi

Hera risks her career to help her friends...

Synopsis: In Fallen Jedi, Hera risks her career to help her friends while Ahsoka and Sabine confront Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati.


The Story

Having crash-landed on Seatos in last week’s episode. Ahsoka and Sabine make plans to go after the star map and take on Baylon Skoll and Shin Hati while Huyang repairs the ship. Meanwhile, Hera Syndulla risks her career and disobeys orders in order to join Ahsoka on her mission to go after Thrawn and hopefully find Ezra Bridger. 


The Acting 

The acting on this show continues to be solid. Rosario Dawson remains convincing in her portrayal of a more mature Ahsoka. Additionally, Natasha Liu Bordizzo continues to be solid in the role of Sabine who was always a fan favorite on the Star Wars: Rebels animated show.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead continues to impress as Hera and she is joined on her illegal mission by the fantastic Paul Sun-Hyung Lee who reprises his role of Captain Carson Teva who was last seen having a few drinks with Dinn Djarin in The Mandalorian. 

As far as the villains go. Ray Stevenson continues to ooze danger as the mysterious Baylan Skoll and has some really strong scenes with Ahsoka. But we still know very little about his character other than him being a fallen Jedi. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this character in next week’s installment.



A solid episode with some really good lightsaber duels as well as some impressive dogfighting scenes between Hera’s squad and Morgan Elsbeth’s hired help. Fallen Jedi ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger in which an injured Ahsoka meets up with a force ghost of a somewhat younger Anakin Skywalker. However, the CGI de-aging process looks a little iffy on this one and took me out of the episode as it was quite jarring. We also see Sabine get herself captured, which has me wondering if that was Ahsoka and Sabines plan all along. 

Overall. A fun episode with a few iffy moments as far as the CGI de-aging goes.

STAR WARS: AHSOKA (S1 – EP 4) – Fallen Jedi
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