In Review: Star Wars Adventures #3

Incredibly enjoyable with fun stories that have sensational visuals. Recommended.

The covers: A nice variety to choose from for your frontpiece to this issue. The first of four covers, the A cover, is by Eric Jones. This is a great image of Finn chasing after the creature that’s making his life difficult. His helmet is tossed aside by the being that tears down one of the corridors of the Finalizer. Finn looks great, as does the creature, but why is the computer blur necessary? It looks terrible and does nothing to increase the depth of the corridor. There’s also a tiny Wookiee in the lower right corner by Arianna Florean teasing the Tales From Wild Space story. The B is by Joe Quinones and is a close-up of Finn’s helmet, but it’s being worn by the pesky creature, its tiny four blue hands shown on either side of it. Within the helmet’s eyes Finn can be seen trying to take the headpiece from the beast. Cute, clever, and well done. This also features Florean’s little cheering Wookiee. The RI by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway is much more serious. Finn is hunkered behind a corner in a corridor. He’s without his helmet and looks cheesed as he hold his blaster ready to return fire that’s coming his way. Appearing from the shadows is Captain Phasma, her massive rifle also ready. This is really good and looks as though it could appear on one of Marvel Comics’ more mature tales. The final cover, the Hall of Comics Exclusive, is by Christopher Uminga and features a bust image of Kylo Ren wielding his lightsaber. The background is black with embers of red flailing about him. Very cool, very sinister, yet mildly cute, since he’s a much more diminutive version of his cinematic self. Overall grades: A B, B A-, RI A, and Hall of Comic Exclusive A 

The stories: “Pest Control” by Landry Q. Walker is a really fun story. “On the very fringe of the Outer Rim…” a ship returning from a planet needs to be scrubbed down by a stormtrooper. He hears a noise and discovers a cute six limbed creature aboard that lunges for his face. The beastie pulls off his helmet and takes off with it. FN-2187 spends the rest of the tale trying to catch the creature without his superiors finding out. There are some very humorous scenes involving some of the First Order’s heavyweights and a great space landing. Naturally Captain Phasma is also involved, providing some constant tension in FN’s efforts. The ending is extremely well done and fits into the Star Wars canon outstandingly. The second story is another installment of Tales From Wild Space. This one, “Adventures in Wookiee-Sitting”, stands out being co-written by Alan Tudyk & Eric Denton. Tudyk played K2-SO in Rogue One. This equally fun tale focuses on the droid watching after three Wookiee younglings that Captain Andor and the droid have accidentally become responsible for. There’s some great action and some really outstanding lines for the Debby Downer of droids. I’m more than willing to see more adventures of these characters. Overall grades: Both A+

The art: Eric Jones is the artist on Finn’s tale and everything looks fantastic. The interiors of the Finalizer look great, the characters are awesome, with Finn’s distress perfect and the familiar infamous faces well done, and the creature cute as a button, yet absolutely frantic. The last panel on Page 5 was especially funny, as was the layout of the final panel on 7. The five panels that follow on 8 make the joke hilarious. The lights in the fourth and fifth panels on 10 are perfection, echoing 2001: A Space Odyssey. The final page of the story has several outstanding details that make it magical, funny, and serious. The second story is illustrated by Arianna Florean, and it, too, is outstanding. Captain Andor looks great; and might I add it’s nice to see him smile warmly, since he really couldn’t do so in his film outing. K2 has some great emotions, which is quite a feat, since his face doesn’t move. Florean is able to accomplish his many moods from his posture and the angle from which he’s illustrated. The Wookiee kids are also a lot of fun, with their emotions going from ecstatic to grossed out. I would love to see Jones or Florean return to this series. Overall grades: Both A+

The colors: There’s no colorist stated for the first story, so I’m going to assume it’s also Eric Jones. Considering most of this story is set upon the Finalizer, there are many colors to make the art beautiful. I love the green, reds, and blues that are used in this location, which are believable and provide many opportunities to make the visuals stand out. The planet at the end of the story is neat in yellow and tan, looking different from the often used Tatoonie. Monica Kubina is the colorist on the second tale and does an equally impressive job. The majority of this tale is set on an alien world with some impressive flora and fauna, not to mention a wonderful violet sky. The colors on this tale are so warm, I wanted this story to never end. I was also really impressed with K2’s coloring, with him having some sensational tones. Overall grades: Both A+

The letters: The opening scene setting, sounds, dialogue, screams, and the closing two words of the first story are by Tom B. Long. Everything about this is good, with the sounds being particularly fun. The sound for Kylo Ren’s lightsaber igniting is a particular highlight. Note to Marvel Comics: Do you see how cool sounds can be in a book? The final story is lettered by  Christa Miesner & Tom B. Long. This has work done on the title, the subtitle, scene settings, dialogue, sounds, and Wookiee speech. The sounds are also outstanding here, with the Wookiee roars being cute as the dickens. Overall grades: Both A+

The final line: Incredibly enjoyable with fun stories that have sensational visuals. Reading this book will make long time fans feel like they did when they first found Star Wars, while it’s sure to make young ones fans for life. This is the Star Wars you’re looking for. Recommended. Overall grade: A+

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