In Review: Star Wars Adventures #16

This was a mixed bag for me.

The covers: A trio of covers to get that feature some very familiar faces to Star Wars’ fans. The A cover by Valentina Pinto has Kazuda Xiono winking and holding onto his jacket collar as he poses next to his idol, Poe Dameron. The famous Resistance fighter has his arms crossed and gives a thumbs up to the reader. In the bottom center is BB-8, peering at the reader. A dark orange that becomes lighter as one’s eyes drop constitutes the background that features a large flatly colored blue circle and several other round shapes. Nice. The B by Arianna Florean focuses on the backup tale. Lando Calrissian smiles joyful from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon with Nien Nunb as his copilot. Above them is an image of bounty hunter Embo. Great cover. The Retailer Incentive cover by Nicoletta Baldari is the brightest cover. This has Kaz in three quarters view wearing an Rebel fighter’s helmet colored almost entirely in red. The lower right corner is in light blues and to the left is BB-8. Great colors and great illustration. Overall grades: A B, B A, and Retailer Incentive A+

The story: The first tale is “All Aces Battle Royale” by Kevin Burke & Chris “Doc” Wyatt. This has Kaz investigating what all the hubbub is at the colossus refueling platform on Castilon. He learns that the All Aces Race is to commence. After hearing this he sees Marnia Un’la’na, a First Order informant. He realizes that she must have some important data and he needs to get it. To do so, he’s told by Poe Dameron, he has to enter the race because she’ll probably use the race as a cover to transmit the data. Things don’t go smoothly for Kaz, but all’s well that ends well. The third part of Flight of the Falcon, “Home Again” by Michael Moreci opens on Felucia with Embo trying to take out Bazine Netal. Once he’s got her cornered she says, “I have credits; you have information. And since your New Republic funding has been…cut off, I figure you might be in need. You encountered the Millennium Falcon — tell me about it. Deal?” This is all that’s needed for the bounty hunter to begin his tale where he encountered Lando Calrissian. It’s a quick but enjoyable tale. Any story with Lando is worth checking out. The tale ends as the previous two installments did with Bazine moving onto the next source. I’m not a fan of Star Wars Resistance and the Lando story though fun, is just too short. Overall grades: “All Aces Battle Royale” C- and “Home Again” B

The art: My hat’s off to artist Valentina Pinto for capturing the style of Resistance in the story she illustrates. The visuals, from what I’ve seen of the commercials, look like the series, but, sad to say, this is the main reason I don’t watch the show — I really don’t like the look of the show and can’t watch it because of that. That said, I obviously wasn’t a fan of this look. The ships that are in the race look fine, but on Pages 8 – 10 the art makes it hard to follow them because of the lack of a strong border between panels and the never ending speed lines. This is an artistic choice and was not for me. I was much happier with the work by Arianna Florean. I love the design of her characters, with Bazine looking awesome. Bounty hunter Embo also looks great; he’s as threatening as he first appeared on Clone Wars. I love the interiors of the Falcon, which resemble corridors seen before in the classic films. This story looks great. Overall grades: “All Aces Battle Royale” C- and “Home Again” A+

The colors: Valentina Pinto is the colorist of her work and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why this story looks so much like the show. The colors as overblown bright with extreme highlights in this as there are in the television program. The colors hurt the race sequence, with a color other than black needed to separate panels and some color other than blue needed for the backgrounds. Arianna Florean, with assistant colorist Adele Matera, also colors her own work. These colors look as though they come from classic animated features. I love the large panel on the 4, with the chair Lando is sitting in a terrific shade of violet. I haven’t seen the Falcon’s interiors colored tan or yellow before, but they work. Felucia is surprisingly brown, considering it had so many luminescent colors in Revenge of the Sith. Overall grades: “All Aces Battle Royale” C- and “Home Again” A-

The letters: This issue’s text contains scene settings, dialogue and transmissions (the same font), BB-8 sounds, alien speech, sounds, the story title for Flight of the Falcon. All are created by Tom B. Long. I like the large scene settings that are impossible for a reader to miss. The dialogue and transmissions shouldn’t be the same font, though they are differed by the shape and color of the balloons that contain them. BB-8’s speech is cute for the famous astromech. The alien speech is neat because the reader cannot understand it, making it similar to several of the dialects from the films. The sounds assist the action sequences well, and I love the story title on the second tale. I wish the first tale had a story title. Overall grade: A-

The final line: If you love Star Wars Resistance you’ll enjoy the first tale. I’m not a fan, so it fell flat for me for me story-wise and visually. The second tale is better, as all Lando outings typically are, though it’s too short. This was a mixed bag for me. I’m biased against Resistance, so keep that in my mind when looking at his issue. Overall grade: B

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