In Review: Star Wars #24 – THE FINAL HUNT


Synopsis: “THE FINAL HUNT!” COMMANDER ELLIAN ZAHRA, former protégé of GRAND MOFF WILHUFF TARKIN, has used brilliant tactics and savage brutality to nearly eradicate the Rebel fleet. Now she and her final target, GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, will hunt each other across a wild planet…to the bitter end.


The Story

With The Tarkin’s Will getting shot down in the last issue. Commander Ellian Zahra is looking to settle her personal war with Leia and lures the Rebel leader into an elaborate trap. The final hunt takes place in a cave. But due to the creatures that live in them. Leia and Zahra are limited to using swords. The fight is by no means an easy one and it is only a mix of good fortune and teamwork that gives Leia and her team a fighting chance against an extremely motivated Zahra.


The Artwork

Ramon Rosanas does a brilliant job with the artwork. I really enjoyed the sense of tension that he was able to create with the right amount of light and shadow in the cave sequences. The fight between Leia and Zahra is really well staged and has a fantastic cinematic quality to it. You can almost hear the clash of swords as Leia and Zahra go at it.

Added to this. We also get a nice little sequence as Shara Bey flies with her squad in the hopes of getting some payback. Unfortunately for Shara. It wasn’t to be. But she does play her role in helping defeat Zahra.



This was a fantastic issue in which we get to see a brilliant villain finally get what she deserves. Its almost a shame that Zahra has to be killed off and a part of me is hoping that she is somehow able to escape her fate.

The dialogue between Leia and Zahra throughout their fight is brilliantly written. So well written that I could hear the character’s voices in my head. Leia’s little speech about her decision to destroy the Death Star was fantastic.

Overall. A fantastic book. I can’t wait for the final issue next month. Hopefully, it’s a bumper one.


Review: Star Wars #24
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